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    Australians Are Sharing The Urgent Questions They Would Like Answered By The US Immediately

    The water level of American toilet bowls is downright criminal. Why are you people shitting in a pool???


    why do americans think if they are in winter, we are all in winter? i posted a picture referencing the summer heat and some stranger said ‘but we are in winter?’ BITCH who is we? IM in australia. it was ‘egg frying on the pavement’ weather on monday.

    Twitter: @dreamingofedie


    why do americans say australia like that 😕 it’s okay u don’t have to pronounce all the vowels it’s okay !!! /lh

    Twitter: @RANB0AT


    why do americans call pizzas “pies”??? anyone wanna contribute??? help me please. in exchange i might tell you why australians say chinwag

    Twitter: @trolleythief


    why do americans have like. a designated room for students to eat in? it would be fucking mental in australia imagine that

    Twitter: @ageofthefaII


    why do americans make like shrines for trump if someone in australia made a shrine for scomo they’d get bullied for the rest of their life by literally everyone including ppl who support him

    Twitter: @BEF0URLJP
    Getty Images / FOX / BuzzFeed


    Why do Americans have their toilet bowls half filled with water but Australians just have the little bit at the bottom filled?

    Twitter: @KendanLove


    Why do Americans call the police for everything? In Australia we’d just say “fuck off cunt!!” and keep it moving.

    Twitter: @ajsmith2369


    why do americans complain about having to drive 30mins when i literally drove 25 hours straight for a 1 hour concert,, they should try living in australia damn

    Twitter: @yunglwt94


    I’m perplexed every time a streamer does a cereal tier list. Why do Americans have so much cereal? In Australia u eat weetbix, nutrigrain, cornflakes or ass

    Twitter: @_blu3__


    why do you americans have such long school breaks. the longest that we get in australia is a little over 1 month, that’s for christmas/new years. like this year for example. i finish school on the 20th of december, then go back on the 28th of january for the new school year

    Twitter: @fleurintro


    open discussion but do americans go on school camps, or is that why summer camp is popular? in australia there’s a camp each year until you reach a certain grade & they start getting pricey & selective. is it the same in the us?

    Twitter: @vettelcore


    Why do Americans say Australia has dangerous animals, when you guys have moose, bears, coyotes and mountain lions.

    Twitter: @dragofelid


    why do Americans have stick deoderant. Wtf is that. That does not exist in Australia

    Twitter: @pansypeej
    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed


    Why do Americans pronounce parmesan as parmezhaaan? Where does the zh sound come from? It's neither an s/z nor a g as in parmigiano... (In Australia parmesan kind of rhymes with artisan but with a [z])

    Twitter: @luobro


    ok but like why do americans love america so much??? like we are all like yeah australia’s alright eh and americans are like I COULD JIZZ ALL OVER MY COUNTRY even tho america is the worst???

    Twitter: @deafslag03


    @SenSanders Why do Americans seem to be scared of universal health care. Works perfectly down here in Australia.🇦🇺

    Twitter: @mattpearson77


    Why do Americans hate Pineapple on pizza? I thought they invented it? It's a dietary staple here in Australia. Especially in Queensland, where we farm Pineapples 😅

    Twitter: @Tomaltach777


    why do americans call australia “aussie”,,, y’all are wildin if you think anyone actually calls it that here

    Twitter: @EDGE0FLUKE


    uhm, why do Americans have to line up for like, 10 fucking hours to vote??? In Australia, it takes about 20-30 mins max...

    Twitter: @goodnightiluka


    why do americans say parm???? it’s parmi you weirdos don’t talk about australia if you’re gonna call it parm - also all you victorians who say parma get outta here

    Twitter: @rxbbitlightning
    Flickr @avlxyz / Via Flickr: avlxyz


    @stu_rush @amyepen @nprscottsimon @NPRWeekend @RadioKitty @NPRNedWharton Australian here. Why do Americans say "e-moo", instead of "eem-you" for emu? Its actually thought to be a Portugese word for a large bird, however in Australia, having Americans call it an 'eemoo' is akin to dragging ones fingernails down a blackboard. Please don't :)

    Twitter: @HymieHop


    Why do Americans live in houses with huge bedrooms but in Australia it's impossible to fit a bed, a bookshelf and a desk into one room?

    Twitter: @izzys_creek


    Why do Americans do #christmasinJuly ? We do it in Australia because decorating trees and big meals make more sense in winter.

    Twitter: @KimboJasp


    @Itsamichael @pettycommajared @Charalanahzard @GameOverGreggy Why do Americans always seem to be surprised that things are different outside the US? You all need to travel more. The world is a big, diverse place. Also in Australia Burgerking is called Hungry Jacks. So they have a complicated relationship with food.

    Twitter: @RustyRoj


    why do americans drive on the opposite side of the road from the uk and australia. why is that even necessary

    Twitter: @ladeneuve


    why do americans know so little about australia yes we use celcius no we don't have cafeterias and it's gets fucking hot in december.

    Twitter: @chihirosbff


    Why do Americans like to wear UGGs out in public? It's a shameful thing in Australia! No shade intended to my US friends! Just curious! Haha

    Twitter: @palepeachtweets
    Flickr @icanchangethisright / Via Flickr: icanchangethisright


    Why do Americans think Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia? They're not in the middle of the streets and stuff lol

    Twitter: @taureanmark


    why do americans think australia is scary because of the wildlife when they literally can’t go to fucking school without the threat of a mass shooting

    Twitter: @seigfried011


    why do americans pledge allegiance to the flag that so fucking weird imagine if we did that in australia

    Twitter: @leeshyukjaes


    why do americans get cinnamon rolls what did australia deserve to not popularise this Gift From God

    Twitter: @nonbinarylarrie


    What the hell is a blooming onion and why do Americans keep associating it with Australia?

    Twitter: @LisaDib1


    @KateKa22 why do americans call is HOT COCOA!!! its hot chocolate in australia here

    Twitter: @Ju1ieCakes


    @tylercowen why do Americans eat so much pumpkin in dessert/sweets? I'm in Australia and sweet pumpkin dishes are virtually unheard of here.

    Twitter: @jdcb4
    Flickr @jcapaldi / Via Flickr: jcapaldi


    @ValMcCue why do Americans say "I COULD care less" about something. In Australia we say "I COULDN'T care less" which to me makes more sense

    Twitter: @cactusian


    @filmrelics no literally why do americans think all australians are chris hemsworth

    Twitter: @pradabackpack


    Why do Americans call him Waldo and Australians call him Wally. Like "where's Waldo" doesn't sound right but "where's Wally" sounds better.

    Twitter: @HarryRock34


    Why do Americans care so much about their national anthem. Most Australians don’t even know the second verse of the Australian anthem

    Twitter: @SamPrimer


    why do americans think australians sound british like......... are you ok

    Twitter: @giorgiovasari2k


    Why do Americans have Presidents Day? I can jut imagine the reaction from Australians if the Government proposed Prime Ministers Day. The howls of laughter would be heard in Vancouver

    Twitter: @MeaningfulB


    Australians don't drink this, so why do Americans?

    Twitter: @DanClarkSports


    why do americans think australians ride on kangaroos everywhere??? yall are so stupid pls educate yourself asap

    Twitter: @nothingtxt


    why do americans know fuck all about australia you guys it’s not that hard

    Twitter: @KY0T0S

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