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    Only Eco-Conscious Aussies Will Appreciate These 17 Environmental Buys

    Short-term spending, long-term benefits.

    1. This metal lunch box and snack pots to help you embrace the naked foods movement.

    2. These Pod & Parcel coffee pods which are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

    3. This reusable coffee cup, because it goes without saying, you should own one by now.

    4. These reusable metal straws for your smoothies, coffees and other slurp-ables.

    5. This Eco Friendly Shopping Bag Set to step-up your grocery game.

    6. This reusable face wipe, the Face Halo, which will remove every inch of make up with nothing but water.

    7. These reusable beeswax wraps which will let you say goodbye to one-use cling film.

    8. Or, if you're vegan, these vegetable wax food wraps.

    9. These sustainable wipes that you can reuse again and again, instead of buying a three-pack of paper roll every month.

    10. This foldable clothes rack that will let your clothes air-dry, without relying solely on your tumble dryer.

    11. These compostable poop bags, because your pooch wants to do their bit for the environment too.

    12. This stainless steel water bottle, because it's past-time you stopped buying plastic bottles.

    13. This in-kitchen compost bin that will help you put your food scraps to good use.

    14. These adorable sheep dryer balls mean you can finally ditch single-use dryer sheets, which are rather baaad for the environment.

    15. These colourful, reusable baking cups that are a complete upgrade over disposable ones.

    16. These biodegradable loofahs as a substitute for regular sponges that you have to throw away.

    17. And finally, if you're looking to ditch disposable period products, this reusable menstrual cup.