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    Non-Aussies Are Sharing The Little Things They Absolutely Love About Australians

    They fucken froth the way we speak, aye?


    dude Australian money looks straight out of an acid-based board game I love it

    Twitter: @kaleybabyx


    I love when Australians lecture me on sunscreen. They know so much more.

    Twitter: @pasiphae_goals
    Person holding a bottle of Ultra Violette SPF 50+ skinscreen with two long strips of it on two fingers, with the text "THIS is what you're meant to use on your face"


    I love how Australians say ‘heaps of’ something instead of a lot or many

    Twitter: @justneeks


    I love how Australians were like “what if a milkshake, but, like, difficult? Like it was also an endurance workout for your lungs” and then invented the thickshake

    Twitter: @lokified
    Several large cups of thickshakes with straws on a table


    I LOVE how brits and australians say chewb instead of tube it really is one of my favorite things

    Twitter: @beepboopsofia


    Twitter: @DramaLaFlare


    I love how Australians absolutely do not have the time to say the whole word “isolation”. That’s too many syllables, it’s “iso” or nothing.

    Twitter: @nathanbrown90


    I love how Australians market eggs 🤣 @chickendynasty @sootygrunter79

    Twitter: @Spookyladyyy


    I love how Australians have slang words for almost everything and often add an "o", to the end of nouns, verbs and pretty much anything. Aussies, you have a beautiful, sing-song accent and your voices could light up the darkest caverns *Don't mind me. Just letting my weird out

    Twitter: @RoryLeighBean


    i love how expressive australians are with their teeth

    Twitter: @bitch_updates


    i love how the Australians sign emails with ‘Cheers’ — should be a globally adopted practice

    Twitter: @15_Conn
    "Disciplinary action" and message: "Hey mate, I reckon we need to have a chat about your behaviour lately, eh? Alright cunt, let's get it sorted, Cheers" (with "cheers" circled)


    I love how Australians call quotation marks “inverted commas”

    Twitter: @astroyogiamanda


    I love love love how Australians find a way to put like 10 R’s in the word “so”.

    Twitter: @Jackstandsup


    I love how Australians & Kiwis say Cheddar like chid-dah

    Twitter: @GDebatta
    A package of Kraft Cheddar Cheese with "Cheddar" crossed out and replaced by "Chid-dah"


    I love how casual Australians are because when I ask any of my patients if they could be pregnant, 9 out of 10 times they all say “I better fucking not be!” and I fucken love it

    Twitter: @paulsonsdern


    I love how australians say idk Oi dernt kneugh

    Twitter: @chiddyfr


    @ArtistDaura I love how Australians call cotton candy "fairy floss", too

    Twitter: @juln


    Can I just say how much I love Australians? I've now seen the term "spreadyboi" used in multiple contexts to mean someone who is in community while infectious with COVID-19 and really it's glorious.

    Twitter: @EmmaMuhlack


    @CooperCodes I love how Australians will shorten a 4 letter, 2 syllable word like “ugly” into a better 4 letter, 2 syl word like “uggo” lol. Also @denvercoder it’s easy, 1200mm is just 12 decimeters 📏

    Twitter: @benhammondmusic


    Absolutely crying laughing finding out how much Australians love Nutbush city limits, enough to have a universal known dance between. I love shit like that

    Twitter: @TheJevDev

    I can’t believe other countries don’t do the nut bush dance! It goes off!

    Twitter: @lianaokayyy


    I love how Australians will say things like, "he's a chazzwazzer up the minky gramble, mate" and the rest of us will just pretend that they're speaking English.

    Twitter: @ThatJoeHerrmann


    I love how Australians add “aye” to the end of every sentence bc it doesn’t make sense at all

    Twitter: @PAIGON101


    I love how australians named a bird bin chicken because it's trash

    Twitter: @lav_sunrise


    I love how Australians have to make it known they're Australian in every Convo they have. We get it.

    Twitter: @hevsart


    i love how aussies use the word reckon

    Twitter: @mightbeluela


    I love how unashamedly uncultured aussies are it’s so funny like on tik tok there is a whole genre of aussies who are like self proclaimed foodies and literally all they do is review the fast food section of coles I’m 😭🥴

    Twitter: @feraljaskier


    I love how Aussies express the concept of "a lot of things." Heaps. "That's heaps cheap!" "I missed you heaps!" I don't know. I think that's really charming.

    Twitter: @ChaseFaceShow


    i love australians because they're not only like 'naurrr' but they're also like 'doco' and 'occy'. love that love that

    Twitter: @ampmars


    I love Australians because they treat crocodiles and venomous snakes the same way I treat my house cat.

    Twitter: @skeleward
    A dog with a crocodile head


    i love australians because they’re just on a completely different calendar than the rest of the world and that’s just normal

    Twitter: @katestajos


    i love australians because: oi ya fucken madcunt = highest of praises, this person loves and respects and looks up to you ok ya fucken dogcunt = scum of the earth, you are about to get beat up

    Twitter: @mimookii


    @maqusan I love Australians because I never have any idea what you're saying but I feel like I understand the spirit behind the words anyway

    Twitter: @Chinchillazllla


    I love Australians because they call a spade a spade and do subtle advertising. Katherine, NT.

    Twitter: @IronchefNT


    I love Australians because they send work emails saying things like "up shit creek without a paddle." Genuine love ❤

    Twitter: @fatamo


    And "cunt" is a greatly under utilized general purpose. I love Australians because they're so good with it. It's so much better than fuck.

    Twitter: @skotterbutt


    I love when Australians say “I’m gutted”

    Twitter: @nonbinary_demon


    I love the Australians, when they send a box of sauces, they don't muck around with marketing, apparently it's very nice #hotsauce #giftideas #Australia

    Twitter: @thechillishop


    I love it when you pick on Australians for their version of the English language and they get all indignant like, "Well we speak QUEEN'S English, you silly American!" As if being associated with the British Empire and monarchy is a good thing. Weird flex but okay 🤣

    Twitter: @faithmeckley


    I love when Australians pronounce “Darling” as “Dāāln”

    Twitter: @ansettairways


    I love when Australians are, like, “orcks cable”

    Twitter: @GRRLmusic


    I love Australians. When talking about their deck they say "dick" instead. Teddys become "Tiddies." Excellent accent.

    Twitter: @PiggyPatriot


    i love when australians say give it a rest

    Twitter: @nickelafi


    @nottjmiller I love it when Australians say "oh come off it" in their widdle mad angry cute baby animal way

    Twitter: @arikacero


    Made bunnings snags! I love Australian cuisine

    Twitter: @cubeyrose


    I love when Australians say youchube

    Twitter: @piscesgremlin


    I love australian ppl calling candy "lollies" it's so sweet 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @ethanevincenzo


    not to be aussiephobic but I love it when Australians say the word "reason." they're like "what is the raisin"

    Twitter: @tunasaladlover

    48. And finally:

    i love Australian people fuck british ppl tho i dont fuck w them

    Twitter: @reiceyy