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    "Euphoria" Star Jacob Elordi Was Spotted In Byron Bay Looking PEAK Australian And We Love To See It

    *Hectic Australian accent* Lordo's back in townnn!

    There's a real sense of collective Aussie pride when one of our own makes it in ~Tinsel Town~.

    So, with Gen Z king and Brisvegas boy, Jacob Elordi, continuing to crush it overseas, you could say that Aussie pride is at an all-time high.

    But as much as we love to champion our stars from afar, there's nothing quite like seeing them return to our shores — as evidenced this week, when TikToker @oliviafogz spotted Elordi back in Byron Bay.

    And lord, let me be the first to say, this boy has not let his time abroad change his true Aussie essence. Cop a geez at those Havaianas! The bucket hat! The bum bag! I feel like he's about to ask me if he can snag a durry?

    Seriously, the dude looks like he's checking out the surf conditions, before planning a Macca's run in the ute and a cheeky pitstop at the bottle-o.

    Aussies in the comments were positively frothing over his patriotic get-up:

    As with any celeb, on home soil or abroad, we ask you to keep your cool and treat them with respect. Admiring them from afar is best, but if you feel like you absolutely must approach them, make sure you check-in politely first, then keep it short and sweet.

    What do you think of Elordi's ocker, Aussie look? Did you even realise that he was Australian? Or has he done such a good job playing American sociopath, Nate Jacobs, that you were unaware of his true nature?