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This Photographer Captured Sydney's Most Iconic Beaches Completely Deserted And The Shots Are Eerily Beautiful

It seems Bondi may have learned the importance of social distancing, after all.

As a Sydneysider myself, I think it's fair to say that our dear city has struggled with the concept of social distancing.

James D. Morgan / Getty Images

Particularly the Eastern Suburbs, of which I am also a resident. 🤦🤦🤦

However, after pictures of Bondi Beach absolutely covered in visitors went viral in March, local councils reacted swiftly — shutting all major beaches in the Eastern Suburbs and in regions across Sydney.

Jenny Evans / Getty Images, Peter Parks / Getty Images

Fast-forward four weeks and the beaches now tell a very different story.

Salty Wings | North Bondi, Bronte, Bondi Beach. / Via

Co-founder and photographer of Salty Wings, Jampal Williamson, took to the skies to capture Sydney’s most iconic and popular Eastern Suburb beaches in the wake of the government's lockdown.

Salty Wings | Bondi Beach, before and after. / Via

The collection is juxtaposed with photos taken prior to self-isolation — to demonstrate the stark difference between these beaches before and after Sydneysiders were encouraged to stay home.

"The entire flight felt like a dream," Jampal told BuzzFeed Australia. "To see Sydney’s beaches deserted like this was surreal and not something I have ever seen before. I was photographing them in their natural habitat. It was beautiful."

Salty Wings | Icebergs, before and after. / Via

"Social distancing has been an interesting time for all of us...But to be honest, seeing what others are going through around the world, I feel so grateful to be in a safe country like Australia."

Salty Wings | Tamarama Beach, before and after. / Via

"And I can handle the social distancing if it's saving lives."

"Although I have marvelled at seeing these beaches bare, I'm also yearning for them to reopen and for everyone to enjoy them again."

Salty Wings | Coogee Beach / Via

"I hope this time comes soon and when it does, I look forward to photographing the moment!"

As it stands, major beaches in the Eastern Suburbs and across the Sydney region remain closed in an effort to minimise the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Salty Wings | Tamarama Beach / Via

So please, as much as you might miss the beach, stay home, stay safe and support your local communities.

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