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    29 Australian Snacks That Non-Aussies Would Tragically Overlook On The Shelves

    Somebody slather my body in Yumi's hummus, please.

    1. Burger Rings

    Flickr @sackerman519 / Via Flickr: sackerman519

    Hands down, Australia's best chip. Salty, burger-y and impossible to put down. Extra points awarded if you wore one around your finger like an engagement ring. 

    2. Soya Crisps

    Open Food Facts / Via

    Chuck 'em in a lunchbox, some trail mix or just scoff them down in front of the telly. Before you know it, you'll have demolished three-quarters of the bag. 

    3. Fantales

    Flickr @128496378.N02 / Via Flickr: 128496378@N02

    I'm not gonna lie: The experience of eating one of these is fairly laborious. There's a lot of jaw action involved, not to mention the potential dental disasters. However, the trivia questions on the wrappers make it all worth it.  

    4. Four 'N Twenty

    Instagram @natsunokaoli / Via

    Just sublime. An essential for road trips, the footy or simply to satisfy a cheeky afternoon pie craving. 

    5. Violet Crumble

    Flickr @abigael / Via Flickr: abigael

    The superior version of a Crunchie, in my humble opinion. 

    6. Harvest Snaps Pea Crisps

    abillion @rraaaaccchhh / Via

    Proof that healthy snacks have come a long way since your mum's five-year-old bag of banana chips in the back of the pantry.  

    7. Iced Vovos

    Flickr @11061732 / Via Flickr: 11061732@N07

    King of the Arnott's biccie collection and I'll be taking no further commentary at this point. 

    8. Cheese & bacon roll

    Baker's Delight / Via

    Tearing into one of these soft rolls after Saturday sports was always a weekend highlight. Plus, honourable mention to Bakers Delight for their solid bacon-to-cheese ratio. 

    9. Red Rock Deli Chips

    Flickr @70680479 / Via Flickr: 70680479@N05

    The great, Australian debate remains unsettled: Honey Soy Chicken or Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream?

    10. Yumi's

    Instagram @yumisdips / Via

    All Yumi's is good Yumi's, but nothing quite hits the spot like a family-sized tub of hummus (or a single-serving, for my ambitious snackers). 

    11. Sirena Tuna

    BuzzFeed / Julia Willing

    Don't ask me why it has to be Sirena tuna, it just does. Best enjoyed when plopped between two slices of white bread and a slathering of mayo. 

    12. In A Biskit

    Facebook / Amy Anderson

    After countless cold, dark years without them, these iconic savoury biscuits have made a return to supermarket shelves and Aussies couldn't be happier. 

    13. Pizza scroll

    Instagram @bakersdelight / Via

    Perfect for when you're craving a slice of pizza at snack o'clock. 

    14. Chicken Crimpy Shapes

    Instagram @ausfoodshop / Via

    A flavour sensation and the top-tasting variety from the OG Shapes collection. 

    15. Nutty Bruce Nut Butter Balls

    Instagram @goodbetterbruce / Via

    If you know, you know. These nut butter balls are stuffed with a peanut butter filling and they're almost impossible to put down.

    16. Minties

    Flickr @junkbyjo / Via Flickr: junkbyjo

    Freshen your breath, while satisfying your sweet tooth. 

    17. Shelby's Almonds

    Instagram @shelbys_hh / Via

    The new kid on the block, but an absolute game changer. Sweet, nutty and somehow good for you? Also a big win for gluten-free Aussies. 

    18. Cheezels

    Shopee / Via, Via Flickr: sirexkat

    Absolutely mandatory that you place a Cheezel on every single one of your fingers and then eat them off your hand. 

    19. Cobs Sweet & Salty Popcorn

    Snacks Plus / Via

    It does what it says: Sweet, salty and lighter than air. A modern day Aussie hero for snack time. 

    20. Twisties

    Flickr @hecubasstory / Via Flickr: hecubasstory

    A pure hit of nostalgia for millennial Australians. 

    21. Dim sim

    Flickr @australianflavour / Via Flickr: australianflavour

    A Chinese-inspired meat and veggie dumpling that you will find nowhere in the world except Australia.

    Well, maybe New Zealand...

    22. Laughing Cow Cheese

    Via Flickr: 32293736@N04, Via Flickr: 128970839@N06

    Two words: Fucking exceptional.

    23. Blue Dinosaur Bars

    BuzzFeed / Bec Mowbray

    The jewel in the crown of Aussie plant-based sweet treats.

    24. Cheesymite Scroll

    Bakers Delight

    A humble, Australian classic. 

    25. Chokito

    Flickr @pukunui81 / Via Flickr: pukunui81

    An under-appreciated relic of '80s Australian chocolate.

    26. Cherry Ripe

    Instagram @emme1009 / Via

    As a kid, you considered your tastes remarkably refined once you switched from plain Dairy Milk to the ~adult~ Cherry Ripe. 

    27. Finger bun

    Instagram @bakersdelight / Via

    Cinnamon, coconut, sprinkles, choc chip or plain pink — how do you bun?

    28. Mint Slice

    Instagram @_jvyolet.sckarlett_eccentrical / Via

    Does it taste a little like minty toothpaste stuffed in a biscuit? Absolutely. 

    29. And finally, Pods

    Instagram @ifoodsuk / Via

    Is it a biscuit? Is it a chocolate bar? No one really knows, but once you open a packet in the cinema, you're guaranteed to leave the film empty-handed. 

    Did we miss any of your favourite Aussie snacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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