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    A Cheapskate's Guide To Propagating Houseplants

    AKA, how to turn one plant baby into many plant babies.

    Sit with me, gentle reader, as I tell you a tale as old as time: That of a cheapskate girl who didn't want to spend any more money buying plants, so she learnt how to propagate them.

    Whether you've only just acquired your first plant, or your home is bordering on becoming an indoor nursery, the art of propagation is something every green-thumb wannabe should learn.

    1. Choose your plants wisely.

    2. Know where to make your cut.

    3. Set up your propagation station.

    4. Learn the virtue of patience.

    5. In the words of the great Christina Aguilera, it's gonna get dirty.

    6. Watch 'em grow, baby grow!

    Happy planting!