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    Attention Cheese Lovers! You Can Now Level-Up Your DIY Platters With This Digital Charcuterie Builder

    Catch me creating my own personal cheese boards for brekky, lunch and dinner.

    We've all seen the ridiculously aesthetic TikTok's about making a charcuterie board, right?

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    Great, now I'm drooling at my desk.

    And while I'm relatively proud of my sub-par cheese boards, I've never thought about making sure all my components work together.

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    A bit of soft cheese, a bit of hard cheese — that's the rule, isn't it?

    Well, lucky for us, Hans has come through with a charcuterie board builder on their website.


    Yep, you heard me right — a tool dedicated to helping you build one of these babies.

    The online board builder will guide you through a bunch of options 'til you're left with a shopping list of the perfect ingredients.

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    You can even adjust the serving size depending on how many people will be gnawing at your board and they'll tell you how much of everything you'll need.

    First, you pick a board type — which have options that are family-friendly, quick and easy, or gourmet if you want to be extra fancy.

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    This is extra helpful if you have a particular event you're trying to make a board for.

    Then you pick a variety of meat that you want to stand out on your plate.

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    Depending on the board you picked, you can then choose additional meat to add to your board.

    When you're done choosing your meat, the builder will prompt you to select a soft cheese and hard cheese to add.

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    Cheese selections vary from bocconcini and brie, to aged cheddar or my personal favourite — manchego.

    And finally, you're asked to choose additional board items to compliment the things you've already chosen.

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    These are usually the bits and pieces that bring your board to a whole new level of Instagram worthiness — think fruit, nuts or even honeycomb.

    When you're done, you'll be left with a list of ingredients to pick up at the shops and there you have it! A gorgeous grazing station that's almost too pretty to eat.

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    Trust me when I say you'll be surprised at how good your board looks (and tastes!) with these guidelines.

    If you're not even sure where to begin, Hans have put together board samples for you to try out.

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    There are nine variations for you to choose from, depending on the occasion.

    We both know how hungry this post has made you, so head on over to Hans and try your hand at building one yourself.

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    And be sure to bookmark the page for the next time you need to whip up a delicious platter!