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    14 Pictures That Show How Poorly "Social Distancing" Went In Sydney This Week

    Just because Bondi Beach was closed, doesn't mean the crowds vanished.

    This week, prime minister Scott Morrison announced a long list of rules, restrictions and changes that Aussies should abide by in order to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

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    Australians have been urged to stay at home unless absolutely necessary and practise social distancing at all times when out in public — keeping 1.5 metres away from others.

    Now, it's possible that you think the new laws are an overreaction. Or, if left to their own devices, the people of Sydney would instinctively ~do the right thing~.

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    Spoiler alert: As evidenced in Bondi, they would not.

    To test that theory, we decided to take a little look back at how Sydneysiders have navigated social distancing over the last seven days.

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    Here's how they went.

    1. At Red Leaf Beach, this tiny strip of sand was positively teeming with sun-seeking visitors.

    2. While at Mona Vale Beach, locals were equally excited by the prospect of a sunny day by the shore.

    @katemc79 This is the social distancing happening in Sydney today 🤦‍♀️

    3. At Coogee, the beach may have been closed, but that didn't stop groups of people taking to the park for their daily dose of vitamin-D.

    Mark Evans / Getty Images

    4. At Coles, the opening of a new store resulted in a huge crowd of would-be grocery buyers swarming by the gates.

    This new coles is opening at the end of my 9am! FFS social distancing! They must live under a rock! We are doomed!

    5. While inside, the queues of people waiting to pay didn't seem to value their personal space either.

    @Coles what your supermarket in Zetland is doing is criminal. 0 marks on the floor for social distancing. Nobody enforcing social distancing. .@nswpolice needs to get involved

    6. Sydney's trains were overloaded with customers, both on and off the platform.

    Scotty from marketing (@ScottMorrisonMP) really need to put us on lockdown - this is how people are practicing "social distancing" sydney trains are yet again after one minor shower #Lockdownaustralia #ShutAustraliaDown

    7. At World Square, groups of shoppers were happy to browse without considering any form of social distancing.

    Jenny Evans / Getty Images

    8. At Sydney Uni over the weekend, fears over the spread of the coronavirus certainly weren't getting in the way of a candlelit dinner.

    Social Distancing @Sydney_Uni main quad on Saturday - who let this happen??

    9. While in Elizabeth Bay, this wedding party decided to still go ahead, shortly before ScoMo banned receptions of more than five people.

    35 people recently infected at a wedding in Southern Highlands. In the past 24hrs, 92 new infections in NSW, most in Sydney. Soooo... today this bunch hold a wedding in McElhone Reserve? Celebrant described social distancing as "a drag". Seems everyone else agreed!

    10. At this apartment complex, poolside residents weren't concerned with the rules of social distancing.

    No social distancing at the apartment complex pool in inner Sydney. Crazy. 3pm Sunday #Covid_19australia

    11. While at Clontarf Beach, these groups huddled together to share the prime spot under the shade of the trees.

    @theprojecttv today at Clontarf beach Sydney. Many people ignoring health advice for social distancing. Sitting almost on top of each other, many greeting with hugs. Grandparents, mothers, fathers,babies & pregnant women crowded together to get a prime spot in shade #stupidity

    12. At Sydney Airport, the baggage claim area was filled with Aussies and visitors all vying to collect their belongings first.

    Social distancing going well at Sydney airport’s baggage area... #coronavirusau

    13. While those clearing customs gave no fucks about standing 1.5 metres apart.

    I am livid 😡 This was international arrivals at @SydneyAirport this morn. When @AusBorderForce was asked wtf re #SocialDistancing the reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.” #coronavirusaustralia #covid19australia

    14. And finally, at Newtown, these teens posed up a storm for photographers while waiting for the local bus.

    Jenny Evans / Getty Images

    But Sydney's not alone. Here's how Londoners and New Yorkers are handling social distancing.

    You can keep up-to-date with all of our coronavirus coverage here.

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