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    Bored, Lonely And Horni In Isolation? SBS Have 10 Hours Worth Of Adam Driver Films To Cure What Ails You

    Lock the doors, light some candles and get ready to gaze upon the rich tapestry that is Adam Driver's face.

    It goes without saying, but I am seriously horni for one Adam Douglas Driver.


    Though admittedly, this is not his best angle.

    And before you hit me with that "I JuSt DoN't GeT iT" nonsense, let me present you with my counter-argument. This:

    And this:




    If you, like me, have a big ol' hunger for this 6'2" stallion, I've got some good news for you: From April 4, SBS is dropping five deliciously Driver-centric films to watch On Demand and help get you through this lonely iso-spell.


    Frances Ha, Tracks, Paterson, Silence and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will all be available to stream from this Saturday, as well as airing on the SBS World Movies channel every night this week, from 9:30 p.m.


    You know, in case you're going through a Wi-Fi dry-spell (in which case, may god have mercy on your soul).

    So settle in, grab your Kylo Ren Ken-doll and get ready for a 10-hour distraction from the cold embrace of iso-life.

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