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    21 Avocado Toast Combinations, Ranked From "Downright Disgusting" To "Simply Superb"

    Two ingredients, endless flavour combinations.

    21. Avo + Nutella (apparently this is a thing)

    9Honey Kitchen / Via

    Jules: Horrendous. An abomination. Sacrilege in the purest definition. However, I award one point for the sheer audacity. 1/10

    Isha: This is an affront to the good name of avo toast. 0/10

    Sohan: Okay, this is unacceptable. Just have your Nutella on toast and go. 0/10

    Final score: 1/30

    20. Avo + banana

    Dempster's / Via

    Jules: Yikes, big no from me. It's like taking two forms of baby food and smooshing them onto some bread. I will pass. 1/10

    Isha: If I'm not wanting to put banana on top of my Weet-Bix, then I'm sure as hell not going to add it to my avo toast. 1/10

    Sohan: Seriously, why? 0/10

    Final score: 2/30

    19. Avo + strawberries

    Arx0nt / Getty Images

    Jules: I don't hate this, I love a little surprise fruit in my meals, but I don't think it contrasts the avo enough to be that exciting. 3/10

    Isha: I’m just…not a huge fan of mixing fruits together like this. 1/10

    Sohan: Look, I know avocado is technically a fruit, but get out of here with your fruit salad toast. It's a no from me. 0/10

    Final score: 4/30

    18. Avo + sardines

    Flickr / Brett / Via Flickr: 83096974@N00

    Jules: I am a fan of the fish, so I'm not so mad at this. HOWEVER, it would definitely have to be a lunchtime or later meal. Only very disturbed individuals eat sardines for breakfast. 5/10

    Isha: Absolutely not, unless you like the idea of someone’s fishy breath in your 9 a.m. meeting. 0/10

    Sohan: I feel like this is what I'll eat when I'm 67, my tastebuds are sick of run-of-the-mill avo toast and I want to try something new. For that, it gets points. 3/10

    Final score: 8/30

    17. Avo + radish

    Flickr / T.Tseng / Via Flickr: 68147320@N02

    Jules: People hate on radishes too much, but they are just as deserving of love as other veggies. They're like cute lil' apple-onions and I would definitely try this out. 6/10

    Isha: This sounds like my worse nightmare and I wouldn’t try this even if you paid me. 0/10

    Sohan: Okay...but why? 4/10

    Final score: 10/30

    16. Avo + hummus

    Alexpro9500 / Getty Images

    Isha: Damn it, those hummus meme pages have gone too far. Hummus does not belong on avo on toast and this is the hill I will die on today. 4/10

    Sohan: This is some vegan bullshit right here. Why? No one asked for this. But also, I'm slightly intrigued. 3/10

    Jules: You two are dead wrong and I will die on this rock — hummus and avo are actually the perfect combination. All you have to do is smear the hummus and then top with thiccc slices of avo. 7/10

    Final score: 14/30

    15. Avo + scrambled egg

    Shersor / Getty Images

    Jules: This is really the bronze tier of egg-avo pairings. Like look, I'm not gonna chuck it on the ground, but it's just a lot of smooshy texture. I think we can do better. 5/10

    Isha: Scrambled eggs on avo toast is good, but they’re far from being the best. If I were to compare it to something, it would be like the middle child of the family — kinda forgettable. 6/10

    Sohan: There are so many other ways to cook eggs, so why would you pick scrambled? 4/10

    Final score: 15/30

    14. Avo + lemon juice

    Moussa81 / Getty Images

    Isha: Are we…are we not always adding lemon juice to our avo on toast? I get that not everyone has a lemon tree handy in their backyard (thanks Dad), but just adding lemon juice without salt and pepper makes the avo toast sound incomplete. 5/10

    Sohan: Like, do more?? Please? 5/10

    Jules: God, you two are so bitter. Have you had too much lemon in your life? Can thou not appreciate the humble squeeze of citrus upon thou avo toast? I don't really know where I'm going with this, but lemon + avo is just delightful. 7/10

    Final score: 17/30

    13. Avo + Vegemite

    Vegemite / Via

    Jules: I know this is divisive, but there is a time and a place for Vegemite and avo — and it's pretty damn divine. The saltiness of the yeast, the creaminess of the avo. It's an Australian icon. 7/10

    Isha: Look, I can’t say I’ve ever tried this, but I feel like I’ve been missing out. Vegemite has that way of making everything that tiny bit superior, and if I put my MasterChef Australia hat on, dare I say it would add a fair bit of ~umami~ to a regular avo toast. 6/10

    Sohan: To be honest...I don't understand the hype. Like yes, it's fine, but I'd rather get that salty goodness from salt and keep my Vegemite and butter toast a separate experience. Sorry. 5/10

    Final score: 18/30

    12. Avo + salt & pepper

    Flickr / Nora Kuby / Via Flickr: 37689135@N07

    Jules: A humble, classic queen. She's not fancy, but she will satiate your hunger every time. 6/10

    Isha: The basic bitch of avo toast, but we still love her nonetheless. She’s simple, tasty and is the perfect foundation to build on. 

    Sohan: The classic, reliable, won't-let-you-down option when you're low on groceries. Could be so much more, but is already all you need. Can't go wrong with this one. 7/10

    Final score: 19/30

    11. Avo + smoked salmon

    Flickr / Jo Zimny / Via Flickr: joeyz51

    Isha: Wow, who is she — the QUEEN OF ENGLAND??? This is too fancy for my tastebuds, really and I feel like it distracts from the star of the dish — the avo. 

    Sohan: I love a grilled salmon but I feel like I really need to mentally prepare before having smoked salmon on anything. This might be too much for my brunch, personally. 5/10

    Jules: You two heathens don't know what's up. Some flakey smoked salmon, some creamy smashed avo — these two are SOULMATES. I will always order this if it's on the menu. 9/10

    Final score: 20/30

    10. Avo + tomato

    Robynmac / Getty Images

    Jules: Cherry tomatoes? Absolutely. Big ol' sweaty slice of a fist-sized tomato? Is nohhh for me. 6.5/10

    Isha: I’m a huge fan of chucking some slices of tomato on my avo toast, especially when it’s those dainty, little cherry tomatoes. Add a little bit of salt and pepper, and badda bing, badda boom — perfection on a plate. 7/10

    Sohan: Ahh yes, the classic. This combo always has my back when I want something a little bit more than just avo on toast. Points for cherry tomatoes. Would be offended if this was the only option at brunch, though. 7/10

    Final score: 20.5/30

    9. Avo + fried egg

    Ben Kolde / Via

    Jules: This is your Kmart version of the golden poached egg. A little bit less fancy, a little bit less polished, but it'll do in a pinch. 6/10

    Isha: Ever since my dad taught me how to make the perfect fried egg, they’ve become my go-to method of prep. Easy, no messing about, crispy edges — and once you add some avo on toast for good measure, it’s *Italian chef’s kiss* levels of perfection. 9/10

    Sohan: This is like what I make at home when I want a poached egg, but can't actually make it. Can't complain. 6/10

    Final score: 21/30

    8. Avo + chilli

    Olgamiltsova / Getty Images

    Jules: Yasss, this is my JAMMMM. I am a woman who lives for chilli, so this is a regular for me. Gimme some flakes, gimme some Tabasco, gimme some Sriracha. It's all good stuff. 9/10

    Isha: I am Indian, which means by default, I am made up of 50% chilli on a normal day. This is my usual and if you’re not a fan, there’s the door. 7.5/10

    Sohan: A staple if you're out of salt and pepper, I guess? Look, to be honest, I'm still opening up to chilli as a concept, so this would not be my first choice at all. 5/10

    Final score: 21.5/30

    7. Avo + mushrooms

    Australian Avocados / Via

    Jules: Oui, oui, ouiiiiiii! I am a fan of the fungi. Give him a little buttery, garlicky loving and you've got yourself a pretty epic plateful of avo toast. 8.5/10

    Isha: FUCK ME UP, I LOVE MY FUNGI!!!!!! God, I could marry a mushroom, I really could. They are such an underrated ingredient and I would highly recommend sautéing some with a little garlic and rosemary if you have that handy. Add it to your avo toast and phew, now THAT is a dish. 9.5/10

    Sohan: This does not excite or entice me at all. 4/10

    Final score: 22/30

    6. Avo + bacon

    Flickr / arsheffield / Via Flickr: arsheffield

    Jules: Personally, I'm more of a smoked salmon gal myself, but I can appreciate the crispy addition of a rasher or two. But the balance needs to be right — I want my avo to sing, not to be drowned out by pig fat. 7.5/10

    Isha: *Horni food noises* — enough said. 8/10

    Sohan: We love some cronchy bacon! And that's the important thing here — the bacon needs to be SUPER CRISPY. I will not settle for soggy bacon, not in this house. The texture contrast in this combo is honestly heaven. 7/10

    Final score: 22.5/30

    5. Avo + feta

    Robynmac / Getty Images

    Jules: BIG fan of this — the sharp yet smooth addition of the feta is utter perfection. 8.5/10

    Isha: Boy, oh boy, do I love me some feta on my avo toast — it just takes it up another notch and makes it a little bit fancy, you know? 8.5/10

    Sohan: Look, as far as cheese-avocado combos go, I much prefer halloumi. But if this was put in front of me at a cafe, I would not complain. It's like tricking you into thinking you're being healthy cause it's ~feta~ and it's ~crumbled~ — but really, just admit you have a cheese addiction problem (speaking to myself here). 6/10

    Final score: 23/30

    4. Just straight up guacamole

    Guzman Y Gomez / Via

    Jules: Divine, the ultimate upgrade. Granted, you have to go the extra effort with the lime, onion, tomatoes and coriander, but oh boy does it pay off. The only thing I can't abide is the red onion before 11 a.m. It's a strictly lunch-special for me. 7.5/10

    Isha: See, I was confused about what “straight up guac” meant, because as a brown girl, I am forever adding spices to just about everything anyway. To cut a long story short, spices are your friend and I am in favour of subbing out the basic avo on toast for something more flavourful.

    Sohan: This is one of those combos that LOOKS plain as hell, but tastes brilliant. Depending on how you make your guac though. Mine is lit, so I'm into it. 7/10

    Final score: 23.5/30

    3. Avo + pesto

    Daniela Baumann / Getty Images

    Jules: The MVP. The absolute king of kings. But, if I might be an absolute wanker for a moment, I have one key requirement: The pesto has to be homemade. 10/10

    Isha: Pesto? On avo toast??? My tastebuds are definitely tickled and I would be down to try this. But, I agree with Jules — nohhhh to that oily jar stuff you get from the shops. 7/10

    Sohan: I actually despise pesto unless it is combined with avocado, so definitely into this combo. For extra yoms, add halloumi. This is like a solid foundation for a litty brekky. 7/10

    Final score: 24/30

    2. Avo + halloumi

    Flickr / Duncan C / Via Flickr: duncan

    Jules: Honestly, this all comes down to the halloumi. If you're serving up that squeaky, rubbery stuff, I don't want it anywhere near my avo toast. But if you've got just the right balance of grilled, stretchy, salty halloumi fingers, then me and my avos are all-in. 7/10

    Isha: Haloumi is love, haloumi is life and haloumi on avo toast is just about as good as a combination as you can get. 

    Sohan: THE KING OF COMBOS. This is my go-to, always. The salty halloumi complements the neutral avocado flavour SO WELL, and it's so low effort to make yourself. 10/10

    Final score: 25/30

    1. Avo + poached egg

    Alexandra Guerson / Via Flickr: guerson

    Jules: A match made in heaven — when that sweet, golden nectar dribbles down onto some smashed avo? Stupendous, incredible, ground-breaking, unforgettable. 9/10

    Isha: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — there is no foodgasm quite like when you cut into a pouched egg and have that gooey centre trickle down and coat your avo toast. I’m salivating just thinking about it. 

    Sohan: Omg, goddess of gooey goodness. Part of the reason this gets such a high score is because it's a whole EXPERIENCE. Breaking that egg, watching it ooze out and meld with the avocado...ugh. Get in my belly. 8/10

    Final score: 27/30