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Here Are 33 Of The Best Protest Signs From Sydney's Rally This Weekend

"My skin shouldn't be a death sentence."

On Saturday, June 6, more than 20,000 protestors took to the streets of Sydney's CBD in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement — as well as bring attention to the 400+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, who have died in police custody in Australia since 1991.

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The march was held in solidarity with the US protests over the death of George Floyd, as well as in remembrance of David Dungay, an Aboriginal man who also cried out "I can't breathe" to police, before he died in custody in 2015.

Mere minutes before the protest was officially scheduled to start, the New South Wales Court of Appeal declared it an authorised public assembly — overturning a ruling from the Supreme Court the night before, that prevented the rally going ahead based on "public health grounds".

Thousands of protesters attend the Sydney protest.
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What followed was a mass-gathering of Sydneysiders, who marched from Town Hall to Belmore Park — where protestors then took a knee at 4:32 p.m. to pay respect to the 432 Blak deaths in custody.

Protest signs ranged from deeply thought-provoking sentiments, to clever poetry and moving illustrations. Here are some of the best we found:


A protest sign reads "Racism isn't getting worse, it's getting filmed".
Evelyn Bevans / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "I will not be 433".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign depicting a police officer leaning on the neck of an innocent person.
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Racism is small dick energy".
Tom Scott / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Why does it take my sign for you to hear black voices?"
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Same story, different soil".
Evelyn Bevans / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "My voice will be heard, my life will matter, my name will be known".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "I love being black! Shit's kinda dangerous, but it's lit".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Everyone is ready for the world to end, but not ready for #BLM".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Racism is a pandemic too".
Evelyn Bevans / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "I can't breathe".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Australian is not innocent".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Is 250 years of murder and oppression still not enough to get you off? We are still here fighting".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Black women, I love you".
Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Racism won't stop in a pandemic".
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Justice delayed = justice denied".
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "If you're not angry, you're not looking".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Go back to eating donuts, end police brutality".
Tom Scott / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Black culture is not a trend".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Black is not a crime".
Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "I stand with you".
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Sick of your shit, stop fucking killin us".
Brook Mitchell / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Everyone vs racists".
Brook Mitchell / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "No justice, no peace, fuck racist police".
Brook Mitchell / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "My skin shouldn't be a death sentence".
Saeed Khan / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "You can choose to look away, but never again can you say you didn't know".
Brook Mitchell / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Black lives matter, in Australia and abroad".
Brook Mitchell / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "For my future kids, my life matters".
Peter Parks / Getty Images


A protest sign reads "Trump is a terrorist, change my mind".
Evelyn Bevans / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Indigenous lives matter".
Tom Scott / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "Justice + non-violent protest".
Tom Scott / BuzzFeed


A protest sign reads "8:46".
Saeed Khan / Getty Images

For those that do not know, eight minutes and 46 seconds was the length of time that George Floyd was pinned to the ground under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer.

You can keep up to date with BuzzFeed's coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement here. Please stay safe. Speak out against the violence and deaths of Black people in custody. Bla(c)k Lives Matter.

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