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    Australians Are Savaging American Cuisine And I'm Just Here For The Chaos

    I really do need someone to explain the whole "sweet potato with marshmallows" travesty?


    Nothing has fucked me up more than learning Americans put sugar into their bread. That's cake, my friends. That's cake.

    Twitter: @karaschlegl


    @karaschlegl And just in case there isn't already enough sugar in your bread, this was the official state sandwich

    Twitter: @BenjaminMillar


    @karaschlegl When I found out they don’t use electric kettles ( they boil water in the microwave for tea) it unsettled me.

    Twitter: @stovern169


    Why do Americans eat and praise the worst parts of animals, like chicken wings and ribs?? THEY’RE THE BONIEST, MOST MEATLESS PARTS!! #Confused #whyamerica

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    Having been grounded in Australia so long, I feel as if I’ve become unaccustomed to American food. After eating fresh, clean Australian food for every meal I can only look back in horror at the potential damage I did to my body- why did you let me do that!?

    Twitter: @JohnFloreani


    @tylercowen why do Americans eat so much pumpkin in dessert/sweets? I'm in Australia and sweet pumpkin dishes are virtually unheard of here.

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    @GreatBrianLast As an Australian, most of your American food choices are weird to me, but this whole biscuit and gravy thing is horrifying. I have no idea what biscuits are like, and the images I've seen do not in any way look like gravy. Are you guys alright over in the US?

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    So do Americans actually eat nachos with that weird cheese sauce (goo)? Is that considered normal?

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    @babydahmer honestly tho as an australian who has lived in north america the way you guys drink soda is completely psycho

    Twitter: @wheelswordsmith


    If "Man vs Food" is anything to go by.. American food looks fkn awful and disgusting. Thank fuck Australia has none of this shit.

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    @sncrlynotsorry @karaschlegl Can confirm. Lived in the US for 18 years. The bread is too sweet and the cheese is too yellow. No one @ me with the reasons, I already know.

    Twitter: @HeyMum3


    @karaschlegl @redscribe As an Australian living in the US, can confirm that American bread is utter shite

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    @karaschlegl A friend lived in the US for a couple years & could not contain her utter shock and dismay when she found out they put sugar in/on frozen veggies. 😳

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    @karaschlegl Bread in America is vile, so is the coffee, the cakes and the sweets. Full of sugar and nothing else 🤮🤮🤮🤮eggs are horrible too 🤮🤮🤮

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    @karaschlegl This reminds me of when my American cousin’s bf was doing a quick trip to Australia he asked me where he could get non gmo food. I told him that all food here is non gmo and it blew his mind. Poor yanks with their gmo foods, sugary “bread”, orange cheese and whatever this is:

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    australian food literally stomps on american food like

    Twitter: @gwellsoon


    @_midofo_ @SuperCroup American food culture is the worst of the Anglosphere food cultures

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    American food kinda nice tho

    Twitter: @seanpcc


    America's contribution to world cuisine: ranch dressing and thousand island dressing. Australia's contribution to world cuisine: potato scallops. I rest my case.

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    21. And finally:

    @karaschlegl No proper bread, no gun control, no free healthcare. What a basketcase.

    Twitter: @Fabbz3182

    Real talk, American food obviously is more than just Twinkies, IHOP and Big Gulp — there's so many delicious treats that Aussies would trade their soul to get a sample of Down Under. We just can't help ribbing you for your more OTT culinary choices. But it's said with love (and, okay, a little jealousy).