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    31 Photos Aussies Will Recognise As Their National Cuisine, But The Rest Of The World Will Be Perplexed By

    From the exceptionally delicious to the downright bizarre.

    1. This three-piece meal from the culinary gods that never goes out of style.

    @lisap_74 / Via

    2. This quintessentially Australian cheese platter — complete with cabanossi, beetroot and coleslaw.

    @farewellmash / Via

    3. This creamy, fizzling, bubbling beauty that we call a spider.

    @ginger_megs79 / Via

    4. This unforgettable ice cream that's more than just a good time, it's a Gaytime.

    @chloeatstheworld / Via

    5. This majestic goon sack, primed and ready for a "Goon Of Fortune" spin.

    @rockoaroundtheworld / Via

    6. This crunchy, flakey, pastry dream that we call a Chiko roll.

    @briantamfood / Via

    7. This chilled glass of Milo, with the ideal ratio of milk-to-malt.

    @noodle / Via Flickr: noodle

    8. This absolute bargain buy of a Passion Pop four-pack.

    @phonakins / Via Flickr: phonakins

    9. This slab of rocky road that is chock-full of delicious marshmallows, glacé cherries and crushed nuts.

    @maebmij / Via Flickr: maebmij

    10. This iconic sausage sizzle from the nation's most unexpected (but delicious) restaurant.

    @thepunnyeater / Via

    11. This erotically up-close shot of fairy bread.

    @bezajel / Via Flickr: 39135473@N00

    12. This on-the-go meat pie that you'll burn your tongue on, but not regret a single moment of.

    @noodle / Via Flickr: noodle

    13. This packet of luminous musk sticks, which are not enjoyable in any context outside of children's birthday parties.

    @waderocket / Via Flickr: waderockett

    14. These Baker's Delight cheesymite scrolls.

    @mermaid / Via Flickr: 7974107@N06

    15. This burger with extra beetroot — the way God intended it.

    @avlxyz / Via Flickr: 10559879@N00

    16. This DIY smashed avo on toast, with just the right amount of black pepper and chilli flakes.

    @jodigreen / Via Flickr: jodigreen

    17. This lighter-than-air vanilla slice that would melt like butter on your tongue.

    @stickypix / Via Flickr: stickypix

    18. This patriotic tea cake shaped like a giant Iced Vovo.

    @stephcookie / Via Flickr: stephcookie

    19. This crispy, cheesy, chicken parmigiana masterpiece.

    @avlxyz / Via Flickr: avlxyz

    20. These beautiful Woolies mud cakes, for when you can't decide on a superior flavour.

    @oliviasbarry / Via

    21. This fruit-loaded pavlova which should rightfully be enjoyed on days outside of the holiday season.

    @speckled / Via Flickr: speckled

    22. This decidedly ~fancy~ take on the classic Tim Tam slam.

    @izzyfooddiaries / Via Instagram: @izzyfooddiaries

    23. This humble classic that puts on no airs, but will see you through the toughest of days.

    @noodle / Via Flickr: noodle

    24. This thiccc slab of lamington, ready to be hoed into.

    @duncan / Via Flickr: duncan

    25. This ingenious stacking of Weet-Bix on top of a pile of fruit, to prevent it getting all milk-soggy.

    @mildswearwords / Via Flickr: mildswearwords

    26. This grilled kangaroo steak, because yes, we eat our beloved animal mascot, stop asking about it.

    @lricharz / Via Flickr: lricharz

    27. This Cherry Ripe, which is the undisputed king of chocolate bars.

    @trekkyandy / Via Flickr: trekkyandy

    28. This superior flavour of Arnott's Shapes — don't @ me with your barbecue-flavoured-nonsense.

    @deliciousimportfood / Via

    29. This ham and cheese toasted jaffle.

    @avlxyz / Via Flickr: avlxyz

    30. This delectable plate of Anzac cookies, that look so good, you can almost taste the golden syrup.

    @tristanf / Via Flickr: tristanf

    31. And finally, this absolute pinnacle of the frozen dessert aisle: Sara Lee sticky date pudding.

    @myrataufiq / Via