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    Aussies Are Trolling Americans Under The "Australia Has Fallen" Hashtag And It's Fucking Hilarious

    "Australian has fallen — the cassowaries are now in charge."

    The year of 2021 has not been overly kind to Australia — with New South Wales and Victoria enduring several months of COVID-19 lockdowns, as states around the country struggle to contain the highly-infectious Delta variant.

    Of course, the Australian government's strict restrictions and their continued efforts to save lives (outrageous!) have not gone unnoticed in the USA — with several media outlets labelling the rules here as "excessive", "disturbing" and "tyrannical".

    As a result, the hashtag of #AustraliaHasFallen has been trending on Twitter — with ~concerned~ Americans calling for the end of such horrific treatment of Australian residents.

    Naturally, Australians have already come out en masse to discuss what we've really fallen for as a country — here are some of the best responses:


    #AustraliaHasFallen for this #WombatsArse Such a cute tail! Wiggle it just a little bit🎶🎶

    Twitter: @PixieIsYugee


    #AustraliaHasFallen on the ground in laughter at anti vaxxers. Makes for quite the laugh.

    Twitter: @Melbourne_says


    #AustraliaHasFallen In love with my cats little floofy boots.

    Twitter: @XquiziteLizard


    #AustraliaHasFallen for Mark McGowan what an absolute dish! 😋

    Twitter: @Jane_Suburbia


    #AustraliaHasFallen for our lovely mountain pygmy possums. ❤️

    Twitter: @katbabble


    #AustraliaHasFallen sounds like one of those Gerard Butler movies, only instead of fighting terrorists in the Whitehouse he’s in the worksite break room, fighting off healthcare workers giving out free vaccines for a deadly virus

    Twitter: @Greg4TheWeekend


    Americans: #AustraliaHasFallen Meanwhile in Australia:

    Twitter: @CJED18


    #AustraliaHasFallen for this blue tongue lizard

    Twitter: @P33589809


    #AustraliaHasFallen for adorable greater gliders that need old growth forests with hollows to live in. They can glide up to 100 metres - 328 feet!

    Twitter: @katbabble


    #australiahasfallen hashtag oh my god give me a break. America, just fuck off, we all hate you anyway. Wankers.

    Twitter: @MMF006


    #AustraliaHasFallen in love with cute furry little Aussies like the quokka. We’ve always loved Smiths Chips…

    Twitter: @shazzadut


    #AustraliaHasFallen in love with Mr Dan Andrews. He keeps us safe. 😃

    Twitter: @pony_node


    The fact that people believe this #AustraliaHasFallen thing makes me understand why so many people still believe they’ve won an iPad from a competition they never entered.

    Twitter: @InfosecMemes_


    The #AustraliaHasFallen tag has shown up in my feed again but the negative posts are all from people overseas. And all the Aussies in the comments are like:

    Twitter: @DesignsByKage


    Americans thinking Aussies would rather be like a country that had regular mass shootings, no universal healthcare, and bounty hunter laws targeting women seeking abortions Seriously guys, we're good here - please stay away 😬 #AustraliaHasFallen

    Twitter: @MortyAUS


    Hi everyone reading #AustraliaHasFallen If you're not in Australia and you think we've been overcome by some tyrannical government or the NWO, you've been fed some bullshit. We're still over here happily riding our Kangaroos to work and fighting crocodiles.

    Twitter: @smorganism


    #AustraliaHasFallen for Betty my Wombat friend

    Twitter: @anguswmackinnon


    It's on Twitter, so it must be true. #AustraliaHasFallen... for this sexy-ass meerkat.

    Twitter: @WasAuthor


    "Australia has fallen" is trending because of ignorance, selfishness and stupity for the eurotrash bleating about our country in dire straights, look to your own mess first #AustraliaHasFallen

    Twitter: @cyberteque


    I had no idea that the next has fallen film was going to be set in Australia. Who's Gerard Butler fighting this time? Emus? #AustraliaHasFallen

    Twitter: @Shadowm09949395


    Scenes of absolute chaos here in Melbourne #AustraliaHasFallen

    Twitter: @Helishingly


    To all the dopes around the world that think're into some serious conspiracy theory bullshit. We're just fine here thanks.

    Twitter: @scottgumbleton

    23. And finally:

    #AustraliaHasFallen The cassowaries are now in charge.

    Twitter: @katbabble