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    24 Photos And Videos That Show The Devastation Of The Sydney Storms

    It's the third time this year that Sydney has been hit by catastrophic floods.

    Over the last three years, Australia has suffered through devastating drought, the worst fire season on record, unprecedented rainfall and — in 2022 — the most catastrophic and record-breaking floods across both Queensland and New South Wales.

    In Lismore we have done floods for ever. This is not a flood - this is catastrophic. This is extreme. This is climate change. Lismore needs back up. People are on and in their roof some are screaming for their lives and water is still rising. Friends are rescuing friends.

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    At the beginning of July, Sydney saw more rainfall in four days than London receives on average for an entire year.

    As Sydney floods, again, I can’t help wondering if people understand that this is the best it will ever be. Every natural disaster is going to get worse if we don’t dramatically change how we live. We can minimise the harm but no more than that. This is the best it will ever be.

    Twitter: @OmarjSakr

    As the rain continues to move further north toward the Mid-North Coast, Central Coast and Hunter region of NSW, authorities also warned locals to prepare for heavy rainfall and potential flooding.

    Here, we've collated some of the most devastating, strange, and touching pictures and videos from the Sydney storms:


    The best “cause and effect” picture ever taken. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #FossilFuels #sydneyflood #SydneyWeather #sydneyrain

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    The @bbcweather putting Sydney rain in context…

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    #Sydney having a LOT of rain at the moment. #Evs handle wet weather just fine. #Tesla #flood

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    Thousands of residents in Sydney, Australia, are ordered to evacuate amid torrential rains and the threat of flash floods #BREAKING

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    So this happened after work. 😭 After filming this, the water rose within minutes and I got stuck. SES patrol had to help me get out. I was legit so close to jumping out the car and swimming 😭 #sydney #floods

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    Sydney is beginning to feel more and more like the Bangladeshi coast: It's now seen 3 major flood emergencies in 18 months, including this one right now, where some areas had a deluge of rain in 1 day equal to the rain they should have "normally" seen over 62 days #ClimateCrisis

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    Devastating scenes across #Camden and south-west Sydney. This is the fourth time this year that buildings, homes and businesses in the area have been submerged by rising flood water.

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    So here are the floods near me- 🇦🇺Penrith -Sydney’s worse than the last one - easily!

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    FYI: a Pacific Park update from the Hawkesbury. #Sydney #floods

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    “It’s actually one of the scariest floods I have been a part of.” The Flood crisis worsens in Australia’s Sydney, with thousands more forced to evacuate their homes

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    #WATCH // Footage this morning shows the clean up efforts at Maroubra Road in Sydney after strong winds blew mountains of sand in from the beaches. Scott Muir, Sydney Branch Director of Lifesaving said the road was covered in sand measuring 2 foot deep. #floods #maroubraroad

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    Sydney in Australia has had 773mm of rain between Fri and Mon. The average rainfall for London for an entire year is 615mm. It's Sydney's wettest year on record to date. Showers are forecast & flooding will continue for a few days.

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    1 dead, 1000s evacuate homes amid torrential rain & flash flooding in Sydney, Australia. Roads have been cut off; 18 evacuation orders in western Sydney & warning of more to come. "We are now facing dangers on multiple fronts - flash flooding, riverine flooding & coastal erosion"

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    What has happened here? Sydney's wild weather last night? #sydneyrain #SydneyWeather

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    Wet Sydney - Well that rather shows how much rain we had over the weekend!

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    There are still evacuation orders and warnings in place for locations across NSW — for updates and evacuation centers, please click here. For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW State Emergency Service on 132 500. In life threatening situations, call triple zero (000) immediately.