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    Updated on 18 Sep 2019. Posted on 10 Sep 2019

    30 Jokes For Anyone Who's Ever Stepped Foot Inside A General Pants

    "People who work at General Pants have the same energy as cult members trying to recruit you."


    When I was about 15 I bought a pair of jeans at General Pants, and the trendy guy selling them told me "nobody washes jeans anymore, you just put them in the freezer until they stop smelling." I still think about that dude sometimes.


    Nobody: The girl serving me at General Pants Co:


    "Mate, these general pants reckon they each have to take a pill before they rock up to their shifts?" - dad


    employees at general pants trying to get customers in to buy things


    Is it true that if you go into a General Pants and don't get asked what you're upto this weekend then you get a free jeans?


    when I walk into a general pants co


    I strive to be as friendly and outgoing as the general pants co employees.


    Me: h- Staff at general pants:


    General pants just messaged me "u up?"


    I just got mistaken for a General Pants employee, so I guess you could say I’m at peak performance


    one time a general pants employee asked me what i'd been up to and i replied with "thinking about death" and he uncomfortably walked away


    Every general pants worker ever


    Remember when people used to wanna work at General pants sooo bad and you had to interview w 60 other applicants


    good morning why does this general pants ad look like the last scene in hereditary


    My grandma's first experience with the establishment known as general pants: "all the clothes in here have holes and tears in them already! This is awful!"


    My experience of going into Glue and General Pants is met with increasing levels of confusion, and by god, this must be what aging feels like 👵🏼👵🏼


    the only thing that stops me from walking more than 2m into a general pants store are the staff who’ll probably corner you into 20 questions about your life


    people who works at general pants/universal store have the same energy as cult members trying to recruit you


    When you walk into General Pants and the sales person wants to chat


    imagine a world where every single person acted like a general pants worker. i would like to see it


    one of the saddest things U could see in australia is someone shazaming a song inside a general pants


    This is how general pants workers take you to the fitting room


    Dude at General Pants asked me if "anything tight was happening on the w/e?" I said I don't know what that means and he fist bumped me.


    Bro general pants workers need to relax with the 21 questions


    "HI WELCOME TO GENERAL PANTS 20% OFF EVERYTHINGGG!!" *throws hands up in the air* *hits someone in the face*


    General Pants find of the day. Dogtags that say "backwards cap or die" on one, and "fashion killa" on the other.


    please help i am being held hostage in a general pants store they are making me listen to drake and forcing me to try on addidas superstars because they have a sale this week


    I love General Pants but I really hate small talk, especially with intimidatingly cool people.


    walking into general pants gives me anxiety


    Dear lady at general pants: Thank you for telling me I looked gorgeous and for asking if I was a model, I think about you every single day.

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