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    The Aussie Uni Experience Is Like Nowhere Else In The World And These 21 Tweets Capture Why

    Nobody tell the Americans that we have zero school spirit.


    Uni experience in Australia means hearing distant "wots" across campus

    Twitter: @Euphori_Cat


    sometimes i forget i go to uni in australia and then i find an empty goon sack on the ground while walking to class

    Twitter: @_izzysandoval


    @manuscriptgal Ah, Australia. My first day of uni I was bitten by an Ibis that also stole my sandwich and didn't eat it.

    Twitter: @ranitesiram
    Flickr @stilgherrian / Via Flickr: stilgherrian


    You know you're in Australia when your uni gives you discounts at the liquor store...

    Twitter: @life_oflexie


    Just saw someone in a Bintang singlet, riding a blue esky on the way to uni. Yes, an esky. It must be nearing the end of semester

    Twitter: @AmeliaSearson
    Facebook / @spottedsydney / Via Facebook: spottedsydney


    my uni withholding my graduation documents and expecting me to pay for early digital copies is peak Australian uni experience

    Twitter: @kawliflower


    @JakeOfOnline not sure if this is better or worse than the classic australian uni experience where you live in a crumbling private rental share house and live on tinned tuna and lentils

    Twitter: @marrowing


    @BearGrylls im a uni student in australia with no food in my cupboard what bugs do u suggest I eat? #packedwithprotein

    Twitter: @samjwilliams91


    Tell me the Australian economy is in trouble when a shop charging $5 for a coffee can thrive on a regional uni campus #auspol

    Twitter: @Sikamikanico


    you know you're in Australia when your uni has a sign saying "warning: magpies swooping*

    Twitter: @tikipasteljay


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    In other news I called my uni tutor a hard cunt before, and was promptly reminded I probably shouldn't refer to tutors as cunts. #australia

    Twitter: @PaulMaland


    Just an ordinary morning on an Australian uni campus 😊

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    drunk culture is so normalised/embraced in Australia, we literally have alcohol in restaurants at our uni campus ... uni friends be like: “yo , going to order a drink to loosen my nerves a bit” . For what. We’re going to an art exhibition.

    Twitter: @deerhobis


    Because of uni, I basically live off the breakfast menu at Macca's.

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    A cow just escaped the fence and was running around the uni campus. This pretty much sums up Australia

    Twitter: @rosanachami


    You know you live in Australia when you have to go home for a shower after uni!

    Twitter: @IneSophie1


    these signs are on the back of every toilet door at uni and someone has written a fuckin manifesto about how it's cultural imperialism on the door in ballpoint as if the people in charge of the toilets are gonna see it

    Twitter: @awful_neutral


    You know you're in #Australia when you casually spot a kangaroo on your way out from uni. #MeanwhileInMelbourne

    Twitter: @kauthh_


    One time at a sleepover in uni with ~10ish people there was a huntsman on the ceiling when we went to bed and we all agreed to leave it there. Slept like babies, woke up and our little friend had moved on. No worries.

    Twitter: @sabotengarden


    In Australia we have bottle-o's on uni campus, so uni students are able to drown their sorrows within walking distance. #straya

    Twitter: @nattbruce