23 Things You'll Get If You Hate Men But Are Also Attracted To Them

    Boy bye.

    1. Getting asked the dumbest questions:

    2. Having your precious time drained:

    3. Never being able to escape your true desires:

    4. Men assuming you care about their existence:

    5. Being heartless:

    6. When guys tell you they're looking for something "low-key":

    7. Telling HIM how it's gonna be:

    8. Straight-up telling men you hate them:

    i literally love telling men that i hate men. anyway why am i single?

    9. Wondering where all those so-called "good options" are hiding:

    10. Having to explaining feminism for the millionth time:

    11. Giving in just because you're exhausted:

    12. Constantly ranting to everyone:

    13. Refusing to lower your standards:

    14. Fully identifying as a misandrist:

    15. Feeling like you're always settling for garbage:

    16. One word: Mansplaining.

    @voldemortsbicep i'm so sorry but this was truly perfect

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    Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me!

    17. Knowing exactly what you're getting yourself into and proceeding anyway:

    18. Knowingly making the same mistakes over and over again:

    19. Watching mediocrity get rewarded:

    20. Questioning yourself on the daily:

    21. Being strategic:

    22. Always keeping your options open:

    23. And knowing your strength: