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    22 Slightly Narcissistic Problems You've Definitely Experienced

    I am everything. I am the whole universe.

    1. It's a total shock every time someone ISN'T interested in you:

    2. People never seem to notice you as much as they should:

    3. So sometimes have to take matters into your own hands to get the attention you deserve:

    4. You constantly have to be careful, because your beauty can be dangerous:

    5. Sometimes other people forget that everything actually revolves around you:

    6. You get criticized for admiring yourself:

    7. Sometimes your significant other forgets how lucky they are to have you:

    8. There are times when you just CAN'T resist the urge:

    9. People can be so ungrateful toward you:

    10. You always have an audience to impress:

    11. Sometimes you have to make do with an amateur photographer:

    12. People seem to think you need feedback:

    13. Everyone is always trying to steal your spotlight:

    14. People will call you self-centered. As if that's an insult...

    15. Your artistic choices are always being questioned:

    16. You have to balance looking amazing while also completing your daily tasks:

    Drive a mile in these Louboutins...

    17. People are always stating the obvious:

    18. You get so many unnecessary questions...

    19. Sometimes you sound "vain" when you're just stating objective facts:

    20. There are moments when you start to doubt sometimes you have to double-check:

    21. Being desirable is a full-time job...

    22. Because honestly? It's hard being the center of the world:

    I am...everything. I am the whole universe.

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