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    Reese's Pieces-Stuffed Reese's Cups Are Officially A Thing


    Reese's Cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces are OFFICIALLY. HAPPENING.


    After teases of the new product on social media for the past week, it was officially announced on Facebook today. Hershey also confirmed in an email.

    "This new innovation brings together two favorites, the iconic and irreplaceable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and crunchy mini Reese’s Pieces candies," a Reese's spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

    And people are INTO it:

    @TheeNickKoski / Via Twitter: @TheeNickKoski
    @TheExSPIERience / Via Twitter: @TheExSPIERience
    @DoNatoBomb / Via Twitter: @DoNatoBomb

    Though naturally, it has its skeptics:

    @mudron / Via Twitter: @mudron
    @Branhild / Via Twitter: @Branhild

    Now that candy-ception is a thing, there's no telling what other brands might hop on the bandwagon.

    Mars / Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed
    Nabisco / Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed

    Oh well.

    Reese's Pieces Reese's Cups will be available in standard and "Big Cup" sizes starting mid-July.