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    Jul 31, 2015

    43 Signs You Were In A Jewish Youth Group

    "Let's go for a walk during chofesh." ;) ;) ;)

    1. Jewish Geography is a sport.

    my favorite thing to do is to find Jewish geography connections w/ my bbyo friend's camp friend's cousin's sister via social media stalking

    2. Packing snacks for conventions was practically an art form.

    3. Spooey was a necessity.

    4. And Whales will always be better than Goldfish.

    5. The Birkat and all its hand motions will be forever ingrained in your brain.


    6. Plus some really strange cheers.

    7. And you would destroy lives to get these.

    8. You probably grinded for the first time at the Kickoff Dance.

    9. And your first kiss was during chofesh.

    In bbyo "Let's go for a walk during chofesh" is equivalent to "Let's watch Netflix and chill"

    And you immediately calculated how many "points" they were worth.

    10. You've got t-shirts.

    11. Like, a lot of t-shirts.

    12. You're pretty much constantly homesick.

    13. But family vacations are so much more fun when you've got friends in every state.

    Pitbull / VEVO / Via

    If you're visiting Grandma, you're visiting your Gold Coast Region friends.

    14. You definitely bought this album.

    Eric Hunker / Via

    15. All of your girl friends dressed like this.

    16. And the guys were close.

    17. Like, attached-at-the-hip close.

    18. This was your prized possession.

    19. Your lanyard collection was a bit out of hand.

    20. And you always decked them out in all your pins.

    21. It was no wonder elections took hours.

    Me: If elected will you serve? Brent: yes Me: if elected will you serve? Brent: yes Me: if elected will you serve? Brent: no (Takes seat)

    Calling everyone to the floor, shoo bop da wadda wadda bop bop.


    22. You've always got an icebreaker ready to go.

    23. Puffy paint was worth its weight in gold.

    24. You used it to decorate your board's water bottles.

    25. And clipboards.

    26. And candles.

    27. Summer programs were some of the best times of your life.

    28. But you were so happy to get home to your chapter when it was over.

    29. It's hard to explain BBYO to someone who's not in it, so you adopted a bit of an elevator pitch.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    "It's this Jew thing I go to sometimes but it's fun. There's usually food. Oh, and the guys/girls are really cute."

    30. "So are you like, really religious?"

    Drake / Via

    You've got friends who are Orthodox, you've got friends who identify as atheists. It's pluralistic, yo.

    31. "Wait, is it, like, a cult?"


    Actually, that one's kind of hard to explain your way out of.

    32. Your parents couldn't understand why you had to sign up for IC as soon as registration opened.

    33. But you had to get this photo op.

    34. This was the pinnacle of your life.

    View this video on YouTube

    35. This was a close second.

    36. Basically, your organization redefines #SquadGoals.

    37. Going to school the Monday after a convention was the worst.


    38. Mainly because your BBYO friends were so much better than your school friends.

    School friends are an endangered species

    Still are.

    39. When you graduated and gave away all your t-shirts, you're like:

    Disney / Via

    Because not giving them away to younger members is a crime bordering on treason. But so is public nudity, so...

    40. There are a lot of songs you will always get misty-eyed over.

    Dispatch / Amazon / Via

    "Save Tonight," "Wonderwall," "Lean On Me," and really anything by Dispatch.

    41. And as soon as you think it's all #BBYOver...

    42. ...everyone you know enrolls in a Big Ten school and joins a Jewish sorority or fraternity.

    Met 5 BBYO people on my college tour

    And then you run into them all in Israel when you're on Birthright.

    43. Because BBYO is forever.

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