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This Man Made His Wife's Most Random Texts Into A Hilarious Collage

"Get your bitch ass down here and bring the bread."

As relationships progress, the texts you send each other can spiral from cute and normal to totally, unabashedly weird.

This is especially true for David Van Beveren, who often receives particularly ridiculous texts from his wife, Samantha.

David Van Beveren

So, he compiled the best of the best into this collage.

"After I received the 'I'M A KOALA!' text (I still don't know what that was about, and she doesn't remember), I had the sudden urge to post a screenshot of the text on Facebook with the caption 'This is my wife, everyone,'" David told BuzzFeed. "I'd receive random texts or just funny texts in general during conversations we'd have together and figured it would be neat to go post a year's worth of noteworthy texts for our friends to see."

It contains relatable gems such as this one:

And this one:

And heartbreaking confessions:

Plus some seriously hangry vibes:

Even some major epiphanies:

And David's personal favorite:

David said his wife loved the collage, though she was a bit embarrassed.

"Reddit can be overwhelming sometimes, but she loved the positive comments and loved the fact that she was able to make some people laugh," he said.

Ah, romance.