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    Weed-Infused Vodka Is Officially In Existence

    But don't expect it to get you stoned.

    So, weed-infused vodka is a thing that exists now.

    Humboldt Distillery

    It's called Humboldt's Finest, and it comes from Humboldt Distillery on the north coast of California.

    "As the vodka has grown in popularity I’ve found more and more consumers asking us to add some of the ‘local flavor’ to our alcohol, distillery owner and head distiller, Abe Stevens, said in a press release. "That obviously wouldn’t be legal for us to do, but I couldn’t ignore the consumer demand. My solution was to come up with a compromise that captures a bit of that character without breaking any laws."

    That's where the downside comes in—the hemp-infused vodka won't actually get you stoned.

    FOX / Via

    The vodka, which is only available in California and Colorado, contains a "THC content of less than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis" in order to comply with California law, the company said.

    "It does, however, retain an herbal and aromatic quality reminiscent of fresh cannabis," Stevens said. "And we’ve found it works very well in place of gin, giving classic cocktails a fresh new spin."

    Also, it's 40% alcohol, so it'll still get you super drunk. Yay!