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This Socially Awkward Dog At A Pool Party Will Make You Say "Same"


Meet Beya, the most socially awkward dog there's ever been.

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This video, which comes from the Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk, Virginia, shows the Chesapeake Bay Retriever standing totally still in the pool as all her dog friends swim around her. Jana Underwood, the doggie day care owner, told BuzzFeed that Beya was waiting for a ball to be thrown into the pool.

Have you ever related to a dog more in your life?

When your friend abandons you at the party:

When you remember that time you called your teacher "mom" 10 years ago:

When you're in basically any social situation ever:

“She just does that," Underwood said. "She loves to swim, but she was very focused on the ball.”

Jana Underwood

"It wasn’t anything that we trained her to do," she said. "She just jumps in and does it every single time she gets in the pool."

And she sure is consistent — Beya (who has earned the nickname "Doggysaurus Rex" for the position she holds during this beloved tradition) has been attending Happy Tails Resort since it opened in 2011.


Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed