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36 Things Every D.C. College Student Knows To Be True

Hillterns. Hillterns everywhere.

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1. The motorcade is always your excuse for being late.

2. Everyone you know has interned on The Hill.

And they never let you forget it.


5. Most colleges have homecoming. You had election night on the White House lawn.

Celebration in the trees in front of the White House! @BarackObama

6. And protests are more common than tailgates.

The #DCFerguson protest continues in DC


9. You have strong opinions on DC cupcakes.

Primarily that Baked & Wired is beautiful and delicious and perfect, and Georgetown Cupcakes is overrated AF.

10. Brunch is so, so important.

And if it's not bottomless, it doesn't count.

11. And you can never leave once you've tasted Cava.

12. Monumenting at night is the best.

13. So are all the free museums.

14. You hate, hate, hate escalefters.

Escalefting: (n) 1: standing on the left side of metro escalators, generally considered the walk lane; 2: being a bitch.

15. You went trick-or-treating on Embassy Row.

16. You partied at Capital Pride.

17. And nobody does the 4th of July like your city.

18. Spring is Supermug weather, and yes, you'll wait two hours for a table outside.

You may have even stolen an empty mug or two. Sorry, Geoff :/

19. An inch of snow shuts down the entire city.



20. You dump Old Bay on everything.

21. You've danced up a storm at the Black Cat.

22. And seen some sick shows at the 9:30 Club.

23. Followed by half-smokes and chili cheese fries at Ben's Chili Bowl, of course.

24. There's only one reason you'd ever go to McFadden's.

When people are asked why they went to McFadden's the answer is always "my friend won a happy hour."


25. Most of your weekend nights are spent in AdMo.

Madam's Organ, Shenanigans, Town Tavern, Brass Monkey, Grand Central...

26. And you never leave without getting Jumbo Slice.

Which you regret in the morning, every time.


28. Fortunately, Wisey's is the ultimate hangover cure.

29. You have a love-hate relationship with cherry blossom season.

It's when the city is at its most beautiful. But also, tourists everywhere.

30. You make fun of tourists on Segways.

But secretly, you want to ride one SO BAD.


32. And no matter how often the Metro is single-tracking...

34. Or how early the liquor stores close...

35. You know you go to school in the most incredible city in the world.

36. And you wouldn't change it for anything.