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    This Heartbreaking Photo Series Captures The Emotional Pain Of Miscarriage

    "I felt their story needed to be documented."

    Ten years after her eleventh miscarriage, a friend's loss inspired California-based photographer Dianne Yudelson to create this moving photo series called "Lost."

    © Dianne Yudelson

    "I reflected on my own personal experience," Yudelson told BuzzFeed. "These thoughts propelled me to take down the big white box in my closet which safeguards the mementos of my lost babies."

    "It had been quite some time since I removed each item, and as I laid them out on my bed, I felt their story needed to be documented," she said.

    © Dianne Yudelson

    "Hopefully, in sharing the images, I could touch the lives of numerous women who have experienced or are in the midst of experiencing the painful loss of a baby," she said. "They are not alone in their journey."

    The black-and-white photos depict keepsakes, including clothes, hats, and toys, that represent each of the babies she lost.

    © Dianne Yudelson

    Each one also includes the baby's name and their sonogram.

    "I created my 'Lost' images in a humble and pristine fashion in direct correlation to their short and pure lives," she said.

    The photos have won a number of awards, but the positive response from everyday people is what means most to her.

    © Dianne Yudelson

    "Personally, what I value most highly is the feedback from hundreds of women and men who have reached out to tell me their appreciation of my subject matter and how the images have not only comforted them, but also propelled them to speak up and share their experience," Yudelson said.

    Yudelson hopes that her photo series will help to foster conversation and understanding of what a miscarriage is like.

    © Dianne Yudelson

    ""Everyone knows someone who has experienced a miscarriage, be it mother, wife, sister, friend or co-worker," Yudelson said. "Be there, be understanding, and be supportive of their emotional journey."

    "Creating this series has both served to honor these precious lives, as well as bring a voice to my personal plight," she said.

    © Dianne Yudelson

    See more of Yudelson's photo series, "Lost," here.

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