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    This College Kid Gave His Mom A Life-Size Cutout Of Himself And She Had A Field Day

    Moms are the funniest people alive.

    When Dalton Ross, a college student from Tennessee, left home in January to study abroad in London, he knew his mom would miss him.

    Dalton Ross

    So, Ross (formerly of "when life gives you lemons" meme fame) did what any good son would.

    He sent her a cardboard cutout of himself.

    Susan Talley

    "I texted and called my mom a lot the first few weeks I was here in London and I after I got settled in it started to become less and less often as I got busy with schoolwork," Ross told BuzzFeed. "So I just thought one day that it would be funny, after not talking in a while, if she went out to get the mail one day and there was a giant me waiting for her with a goofy face."

    And his mom had a field day with it.

    Susan Talley

    "The package arrived around Valentine’s day and I thought my husband had outdone himself," his mom, Susan Talley, told BuzzFeed. "Since he couldn’t claim credit for it, I opened it and saw Dalton’s face staring right at me! I laughed for a solid 14 minutes."

    Talley said the cutout looked so real that it actually scared her a few times.

    "I thought, 'OK, if he’s that realistic, I’m going to have some fun with this,'" she said. "I packed him in the car and started the adventure."

    Here's "Flat Dalton" curling up in bed with a good book.

    Susan Talley

    So peaceful.

    And getting his annual check-up.

    Susan Talley

    And taking a shower.

    Susan Talley

    "Good way to wash clothes and body at the same time," Talley captioned the photo on Facebook.

    He's cheered on the local basketball team.

    Susan Talley

    See him back there in the stands?

    And celebrated Easter with his family.

    Susan Talley
    Susan Talley

    Look how many eggs he found!

    Valentine's Day, too!

    Susan Talley

    Look who brought a nice girl home to mother!

    Here he is hanging out with his grandma.

    Susan Talley

    And playing frisbee with the dog.

    Susan Talley

    And grabbing a footlong at Subway.

    Susan Talley

    "I thought it was hilarious and wasn't expecting it," Ross said of his reaction to the photos. "I thought it would become a coat rack of sorts until I came back and found some use for it."

    While people on Reddit have been loving Talley's photo antics, she insists that her son's sense of humor was what inspired her.

    Susan Talley

    "He has a great sense of humor and I thought he would get a kick out of the adventures he’s missing out on," she said. "He definitely has a unique creative wit about him and he keeps us entertained even from the other side of the Atlantic."

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