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Someone Please Buy Me This Caffeinated Bracelet Immediately

All the efficiency of coffee in an IV, without any of the bulky tubes and poles.

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Coffee's great. But sometimes normal human caffeine absorption just doesn't cut it.

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Plus, coffee's got its downsides: stained teeth, bad breath, caffeine crashes, weight gain (if you're the cream and sugar type), and of course, coffee poops.

Know what's more efficient? Taking caffeine through your skin and directly to your bloodstream. That's what Joule, the first ever caffeinated bracelet, promises.


The product (which is available on Indiegogo) works kind of like a nicotine patch, releasing caffeine through your skin over the course of four hours. One patch contains 65 mg of caffeine, which is about the same as a medium cup of coffee.

Because it releases caffeine gradually, you're less likely to turn into a jittery energy monster, according to the creators.


(Or, if you're more venti drip than human at this point, you can use it alongside your standard coffee. You do you.)