These Ice Cream–Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are What Dreams Are Made Of

*books a flight to Prague immediately*

1. What happens when you cross a doughnut with an ice cream cone? You get these beautiful creations.

They come from Good Food Coffee and Bakery, a café in Prague.

2. People are going nuts over them on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why.

3. Oh my god JUST LOOK AT IT.

4. They consist of a cinnamon-sugar-covered doughnut cone stuffed with soft-serve ice cream.

5. The cones are based on trdelníks, also known as “chimney cakes,” a hollow, cylindrical Czech pastry that’s baked like this:

6. Then they’re lined with Nutella.

7. Or berry compote.

8. And filled to the brim with ice cream.

9. Or whipped cream and strawberries.

10. Oh, wow.

11. *drools everywhere*

12. What did we do to deserve such beauty?

13. I need like 12 of them.

BRB, going to Prague.

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