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Pizza Tempura Is A Real Thing You May Or May Not Need In Your Life

I don't know how to feel about this.

Welcome to America, where if something can be fried, it inevitably will be. Case in point: pizza tempura.

Joey R. / Foursquare / Via

Just look at those perfectly battered slices.

@overunder / Instagram / Via

😮 WOW. 😮

This beautiful nightmare comes to us from Sake Bar Hagi, a Japanese restaurant in New York City.

@steevoyang / Instagram / Via

The dish has been on their menu for a while (one employee who has worked there for 13 years told Eater "it has always been on the menu"). But the recent surge of crazy food creations—think rainbow bagels, everything doughnuts, and ice cream–stuffed doughnut cones—may have created the perfect storm for tempura pizza to send everyone into a greasy frenzy.

And apparently it's actually pretty damn good.

@lecoqdor / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lecoqdor

"I don't know how to best describe it other than to say it is AMAZING and makes me want to learn how to make a good tempura batter so I can deep fry slices of Ellio's frozen pizza at home," said one Yelp reviewer.

"I thought for sure I'd hate it and it would be the joke of this review...instead...YUM!!" another reviewer said.

Though, not everyone's on board.

@jennydrinks / Instagram / Via

One Yelp review said it "was okay but lacked enough cheesiness and sauce," while another noted it was "too fried and I could barely taste the pizza."

You can get a slice for just under $6.

@CBCebulski / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CBCebulski

It's available at both of the restaurant's two locations (one on 49th and 7th, the other on 46th and 8th).

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