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Oreo Bagels Exist And The World Will Never Be The Same


A new bagel is taking over Instagram (and our hearts), and it is this OREO BAGEL WITH OREO CREAM CHEESE AND OREOS IN THE MIDDLE.

@hannahouimet / Via

It's called the "Oreo Overload," and it comes from The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey.

OK, all together now: WOOOOOAAAHHH.

@jillyyyx / Via

Did rainbow bagels just meet their match?

People are really, really into them.

@jessmessink / Via Twitter: @jessmessink
@OliviaFpolci / Via Twitter: @OliviaFpolci
@jesssberkowitz / Via Twitter: @jesssberkowitz

Is it breakfast? Is it dessert?

@frosting_4_breakfast / Via

I don't care, give me 12 of them.

@allisonrcphotography / Via
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