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Posted on Feb 26, 2016

This Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Is An Actual Dream Come True

It''s so beautiful.

If you celebrate Easter, odds are you've eaten a few of these in your time.

Nestle / USPS

But what if I told you there was better? What if I told you you deserved MORE???

Enter the Easter Ostrich Egg, a two-and-a-half-pound chocolate egg that's FILLED with 27 smaller chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat / Via

This gorgeous monstrosity is made by Hotel Chocolat, a British luxury chocolate company.

The reviews so far have been largely positive.

But luxury does not come cheap.

You can buy it for £75.00, or about $104 US dollars (and sadly, it'll cost another £14.95 in shipping for anyone outside of the UK).

Have we gone too far, though? For comparison's sake, the egg weighs just a bit less than the human brain.

NBC / Via

Kind of overwhelming, tbh.

But, then again, who are we to question such greatness?

Nickelodeon / Via
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