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Solange Knowles's Wedding Ring Got Lost At Mardi Gras

In the same city in which she got married, no less.

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Solange Knowles is facing one of the ultimate nightmares for any married person: she lost her wedding ring.

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Except it's probably not in between the couch cushions or down the drain — she lost it in New Orleans, while throwing beads from a Mardi Gras float.

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The ring was lost between St. Charles Avenue between Toledano Street and Foucher Street, parade organizers the Krewe of Muses, wrote on Facebook.

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A reward has been offered for anyone who finds and returns the ring.

Ironically, New Orleans is also where Knowles and her husband got married in 2014.

On the bright side, Julez, Knowles's 11-year-old son, had a sweet take on the situation that made her feel a lot better, she shared on Twitter:

My son said, mom I'm just happy YOU didn't fly off the float, & that your safe, & that you still get to have the love you have. *tears dried

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