16 Struggles All People With Uneven Boobs Know Too Well

    It's ALWAYS the left one.

    1. There's no getting around it—having one boob that's bigger than the other can be a pain in the tit.

    2. You yearn for the day they start selling bras with mix-and-match cup sizes.

    3. You're ready to flip a table the next time someone tells you "no two boobs are perfectly symmetrical."

    4. And you might scream if your doctor brings up testing your hormones again.

    5. And you've tried lifting weights on just the small boob side to see if you could enlarge it.

    6. The first time you get naked with a new sexual partner can be a cesspool of body anxiety.

    7. And you dread the moment some symmetrically-boobed person suggests skinny dipping or any game involving stripping.

    8. Worst of all, people don't really talk about what it's like to have uneven boobs, even though it's actually super common.

    real talk uneven boobs are the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

    Fortunately, you've probably picked up a few #boobhacks along the way.

    9. For instance, push-up bras are how you live your life.

    10. Bandeau bathing suit tops are how you survive summer.

    God bless removable padding. 🙌

    11. And you know the value of a good set of chicken cutlets.

    12. If they're really causing you grief, you might have even considered getting a single breast implant.

    13. You may feel abnormal or unsexy sometimes, but you're not alone--tons of people are right there with you.

    14. And there's NOTHING like the immediate bond you make with fellow members of the uneven titty committee.

    15. And at the end of the day, they're a beautiful, unique part of who you are.


    16. Welcome to the club, pal.