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    This Girl Went On An Epic Rant When Her Boyfriend Stole Her Pizza

    Don't come between a girl and her pizza.

    Sharing food can be a contentious situation. So, when one woman's boyfriend ripped off a huge piece of her pizza (WITHOUT ASKING, AFTER SAYING HE DIDN'T WANT A SLICE), she delivered the most epic smackdown you've ever heard.

    I ate ONE piece of @SuperiorAsian's pizza and she had a heart attack... 😑😂

    Because the tweet captures a moment anyone who dates a FOOD THIEF can relate to, it's been shared tens of thousands of times.

    The woman in the video, De'ja Davis, told BuzzFeed this was not the first time her boyfriend, Dee Breezy, has committed such food atrocities.

    "We went to Pizza Boli’s and I asked him a million times, ‘Do you want anything? Chicken, pizza, anything?’ because he always picks on my food — always," she said. "This was not the first time. And I’d had enough of it."

    She then texted him to further clarify her point:

    Breezy stands by his decision, claiming it was only "25% of the pizza."

    "In a relationship, you don’t have to ask," he said. "I was not hungry until I saw the pizza."

    “He still doesn’t get it," Davis said. "Everyone on Twitter has agreed with me, and he still doesn’t get the problem."

    Still, some took Breezy's side.

    While Davis grants that she was "a smidge overdramatic," their relationship — unlike the pizza — has not been torn apart.

    De Breezy

    "We play around a lot," Davis said. "These are the types of arguments we have. We argue over food and what movie we’re going to watch and stuff like that.

    "People are kind of blowing it out of proportion, but I was a little bit serious about putting your hands in my food. That’s just rude."

    1. So, whose side are you on?

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    So, whose side are you on?
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      De'ja's. DON'T TOUCH MY FOOD.
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      Breezy's. Food is for sharing!
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      Some other opinion I will share in the comments.

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