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This Beloved Pet Fish Got The Badass Viking Funeral He Deserved

RIP Peeping Tom. You will never be forgotten.

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Meet Peeping Tom — a bathroom-dwelling pet fish named for his love of watching people poop and shower — who, sadly, is no longer with us.

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Tom recently passed at just 6½ years of age.

"He met his demise while I was at work one day," his 24-year-old owner, Laura Psutka, told BuzzFeed. "The running joke was that he died because my dad moved his bowl out of the sun because that was the only variable that changed before he died.

"But really I don't blame my dad. Tom was 4+ years past his life expectancy, so it was just old age I think."

"Tom was more than just a bathroom fish really, he became a pet like any other in this family," Psutka said.

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"Everyone commented on him when they were in that bathroom and some even said hi to him whenever they entered. I had friends who've known Tom since I first got him and would text and ask how he was doing as time went on, as he got older."

So the beloved, pervy fish was given the valiant Viking funeral he so deserved.

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To make up for possibly killing her fish, Psutka's dad built Tom a magnificent vessel out of matches.

"He's a really handy guy who loves to build stuff, and he did an incredible job on the boat," she said.

The next day, they went to her sister's house in the country, placed Tom and his ship in a puddle, and "set him on his fiery journey."

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"I lit the boat while playing some epic music and everyone (my mom, dad, sister and me) stood in silence as Tom went off to Valhalla like so many valiant creatures before him," Psutka said. "Once the flames went out I retrieved the boat from the puddle and put it in the garbage."

"Tom was a member of the family, as weird as that is to say about a fish, and he is missed by many," Psutka said.

RIP Peeping Tom. May you look down upon all of our titties from heaven.