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    Pokémon Go Now Has Its Own Dating Service

    Find the Nidoking to your Nidoqueen.

    Catching Zubats just got a whole lot less lonely thanks to a new dating service just for Pokémon Go players called "PokéDates."


    The service matches users based on a questionnaire and then coordinates a time and a PokéStop to meet at. It was created by Project Fixup, a pre-existing dating service.

    To get started, you have to make a Project Fixup account. From there, you can select "PokéDates" as your preferred type of date.

    Your first PokéDate is free. After that, you must either refer friends or pay $20 per date.


    So, like 25 Lure Modules. Which are basically dating services in and of themselves, but whatever.

    Still, people seem pretty psyched about it.

    Twitter: @GaltcPrettyBoy

    And a little bit in disbelief.

    In conclusion: Pokémon Go out and get laid.


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