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This Three-Legged Puppy Will Turn You Into A Puddle Of Mush

"Not to put a pun on it, but his life is kind of just going one step at a time."

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Ollie was born with one missing leg, and was the 12th in a litter that was supposed to be 11 puppies.

"He was the surprise," Ollie's owner, Alex Widmer, told BuzzFeed News.

Ollie has been stealing everyone's hearts since Widmer shared this video of him learning to climb up a big step.

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"We have this larger step in our back door, and I’ve been filming him, waiting for him to jump over it, and he would never do it," he said. "And all of a sudden he did it one day."


"To see him overcome these challenges is sweet," he said.

@ollievuesomuch / Via Instagram: @ollievuesomuch

"I know that means something to somebody in the world," he said.

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