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Let Your Vagina Breathe, Says Science

How not to piss off your nether regions.

1. Not wearing underwear is actually pretty great for your vagina (and also the rest of your vulva), especially if you're a bit ~sensitive~.

2. In fact, you can totally ride the subway and go in public without wearing underwear, as long as you're not bare ass naked from the waist down.

3. THAT said, going without underwear might mean you destroy a few pairs of pants by accident.

4. And also it's better to wear undies if you really love skinny jeans.

5. And probably when you work out, too.

6. If you're not comfortable going commando in public, maybe try it out at bedtime.

7. If you're Team Underwear, make sure the fabric is breathable.

"Think cotton," says Dweck. "Particularly a cotton crotch." (Get these cute 95% cotton panties here.)

8. Thongs are actually not the worst!

9. But really, you should just do whatever feels best for you and your vulva. <3