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This Pomeranian-Husky Mix Is The Pet Fox You Always Wanted


Meet Mya, a dog who looks exactly like a little fox.

Apparently she's not a tiny magical creature, but is in fact a "pomsky" (a pomeranian-husky mix).

Did I mention she has the prettiest blue eyes in the world?

And if you think she's cute, just look how cute she was AS A PUPPY.

Mya took the internet's heart by storm when this photo of her found its way to Reddit, where people noted her resemblance to a fire-type Pokémon and "the real Mozilla Firefox."

Which are actually pretty accurate comparisons.

Do you see it?

In spite of her unique appearance, Mya is much like any other dog.

She loves going to the beach.

And hiking.

And swimming.

And taking naps.

Seriously, she's a pro napper.

She makes silly faces.

And she LOVES watermelon.