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People Are Using Autocorrect To Name Their Pokémon And It's Hilarious

Meowth always seemed like a Keith, tbh.

Pokémon Go players are naming their Pokémon with the help of their phone's autocorrect — and the results are inexplicably wonderful.

It all started when Twitter user Adnelle texted her friends to ask what she should name her Meowth.

"It came out, 'Hey guys what should I name my Keith?'" Adnelle told BuzzFeed. "I was like, 'Well damn. I guess it's decided.'"

She shared the new names on Twitter, where it's been retweeted thousands of times.

Basically everyone lost their shit.

Twitter: @Kaubocks

Since then, tons of players have gotten in on the naming trend.

And yeah, it's pretty great.

Twitter: @AngryCinnabun

It just keeps getting funnier.

There's been a Gastly named Gaston.

Twitter: @ASpySA

🎵 No one's got an amorphous gas form like Gaston 🎵

And a Caterpie named Carlos.

Twitter: @commacosby

C A R L O S.

Sometimes it gets deep.

And sometimes it gets reeeal dark.

Twitter: @dreamachineries


All in all, it's pretty dang delightful.

And I recommend it highly.

What did autocorrect name your Pokémon? Share it in the comments!