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Posted on Jul 8, 2016

Bon Jovi Got Peer Pressured Into Singing At A Wedding And It's Awkward AF

Just hold on, Jon Bon. You'll make it. I swear.

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For a whole excruciating minute, Bon Jovi listened politely and nodded along while the wedding singer peer pressured him to join in.

The secondhand embarrassment is palpable.


Eventually, he gave in and grabbed the mic.

You can see the defeat in his eyes.

Many commenters felt bad for Bon Jovi, and called the video "cringy."

Lourdes Valentin, the wedding singer, told the Associated Press that she had prepared the song especially for him. She said she asked him earlier if he would like to sing, and he declined.

Valentin said she was "very surprised" when Bon Jovi decided to "grace us with his talent."

Just hold on, Jon. You're halfway there.