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    These Floating Bonsai Trees Look Like Actual Magic

    It's hard to believe it's not an optical illusion.

    With their small size and simple care, bonsai trees make pretty awesome plants.

    Know what's even more awesome? A SPINNING, FLOATING bonsai tree.

    This is an Air Bonsai, a bonsai tree that spins and floats with the help of a magnetic base beneath it. It was created by a team of designers in Kyushu, Japan, and it recently reached its goal on Kickstarter.

    It's weirdly mesmerizing.

    Seriously, why can't I stop watching these things??

    I've never been this relaxed in my life.

    An Air Bonsai doesn't come cheap — currently, you can only get one by pledging $200 or more on Kickstarter, and it won't ship until August.

    Additionally, It's illegal to export bonsai trees from Japan, so non-Japanese purchasers will receive plants from their own country. The kit also includes directions on how to transport your own plant to the Air Bonsai.

    Fortunately, watching these GIFs on loop forever is free and available now.