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    Inception Donuts Are Here And You Need To See Them To Believe Them

    There's ~levels~ to your love.

    LOOK AT THIS THING. It's a doughnut covered in doughnuts covered in doughnuts. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you ... THE INCEPTION DOUGHNUT.

    @cinnamonsnail / Via

    It comes from the Cinnamon Snail, a vegan lunch spot in New York that originated as a food truck. The doughnuts are only sold at their brick-and-mortar shop in The Pennsy, a food hall near Penn Station. They cost $7 each.

    Adam Sobel, the owner and chef, "had just watched the movie Inception, and he came in with this cool idea for a doughnut within a doughnut within a doughnut," Cinnamon Snail's catering manager, Carmen Surana, told BuzzFeed.

    It's constructed from one big delicious raspberry-filled doughnut, topped with soft doughnut-shaped sugar cookies, which are then topped with Cheerios frosted to look like doughnuts.

    @juliareinstein / Via

    So yeah, maybe those aren't ACTUAL teeny tiny Cheerio-sized doughnuts, but let me tell you something, it is GOOD.

    Like, REALLY good.

    Julia Reinstein / Snapchat

    But if you want to try one, you're going to need to be either really quick or really patient — the doughnuts are only available until 9 p.m. tonight, though Surana said they are likely to make a comeback sometime in the near future.

    “Yeah, maybe we’ll do it for National Doughnut Day next week, who knows," she said. "I feel like it’s something we’ll definitely bring back."

    What WILL they think of next?!

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    Maybe a Nutella jar made of Nutella that has a hidden Wonder Ball-type mini Nutella inside?

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