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    27 Perfect Gifts For The "Hitchhiker's Guide" Fan In Your Life

    Assuming they already know where their towel is.

    1. This highly improbable sperm whale necklace.

    2. This towel-scented candle.

    3. This mug for the grumpiest android you know.

    Get it here.

    4. This minimalist poster set.

    5. This subtle nod to the Heart of Gold.

    6. This notebook that contains the ultimate answer.

    7. This horrifying poster.

    8. These sweet pencils.

    9. This t-shirt declaring your support for the galaxy's greatest president.

    10. This necklace with advice from the Guide itself.

    11. And this cuff bracelet.

    12. This adorably apocalyptic phone case.

    13. This homage to homesick hitchhikers.

    14. This shout-out to everyone's favorite supercomputer.

    15. This charm bracelet.

    16. This existential mug.

    17. These hand-painted sneaks.

    18. This pin for your most talented drinking buddy.

    19. This galaxy print 42 poster.

    20. This gorgeous throw pillow.

    21. This stellar hairbow.

    22. This sleek poster print.

    23. This Improbability Drive car emblem.

    24. This "Cross-Stitcher's Guide to the Galaxy" DIY pattern.

    25. This Babel fish cross-stitch kit.

    26. This travel mug from the restaurant at the end of the universe.

    Buy it here.

    27. And this emergency towel.