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    This Paralyzed Baby Bunny Named Wheelz Has A Tiny Skateboard Wheelchair And It's So Cute

    Go, Wheelz, go!

    This is Wheelz, a baby bunny who gets around on a tiny skateboard wheelchair.

    Overlook Acres / Via

    Wheelz, who lives at Overlook Acres, a small farm in upstate New York, was paralyzed after being bitten by an adult bunny. He was found hours later, out of his nest box and nearly frozen.

    "My wife went in there, scooped him up, and wasn’t sure if he was still alive," Wheelz's owner, Jason Ambrosino, told BuzzFeed. "Then she saw his nose move."

    Jason and his wife Sonja built the wheelchair out of a finger skateboard, a sock, and a bra strap, all from the local dollar store.

    Overlook Acres

    But they will soon need to build a new wheelchair, because Wheelz is quickly growing too big for the tiny skateboard.

    “All the other bunnies are fascinated by his wheels," said Jason. "He’s so much faster than them. They’ll come to sniff around the wheels, and he’ll go dashing away."

    Just look at him go!

    Now, Jason and Sonja are trying to get a children's book written about Wheelz.

    Facebook: OverlookAcres

    They've started a Kickstarter to fund the project, and are currently looking for illustrators. This is just one of the potential designs.

    "So many people have been touched by this little bunny and its willingness to adapt to its differences that I thought that his back story also needed to be shared," Jason wrote on the Kickstarter page.

    You can watch Wheelz and his sweet skateboard tricks here:

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