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26 Struggles Every Dogless Dog-Lover Will Understand

Life goal: pet every dog.

1. So, maybe you live with someone with a dog allergy.

2. Or your apartment isn't pet-friendly.

what do you mean no pets allowed this is my sister

3. Or maybe you're just not ready to be a fully committed, responsible dog parent.

4. There's no way around it โ€” it's tough being a dogless dog lover.

5. You always find the dog at the party.

when you're at a party and you hang out with the dog the whole time

6. And you know where all the dog-friendly bars are.

7. Going outside is just an excuse to pet strangers' dogs.

8. And you've accepted the fact that you're super-duper creepy.

9. As soon as you hear that "In the Arms of an Angel" song, you need to change the channel.


Or else you'll cry your eyes out and donate your entire life savings to ending animal abuse.

10. You'd drop everything to become a dog walker.

11. You've made plans with someone just to hang out with their pup.

12. And you treat your friend's dog like your own.

13. You browse away the hours on Petfinder.

Petfinder / Via

If you want to adopt this little beauty, check out her Petfinder profile here.

14. Honestly, you just don't get cat people.

when someone says they're a cat person

15. When you see a cute dog on the street, you NEED. TO. TALK. ABOUT. IT.

New Line Cinema / Via

16. You've even got a name picked out already.

17. And you wish you had someone to buy cute toys for.

SquidStuffis / Etsy / Via

Like this squeaky cannoli toy. Buy it here.

18. You're a member of this Facebook group.

Facebook / Via Facebook: 365451653528719

19. Famous Instagram dogs are the only celebrities you care about.

20. Giant puppy paws are what get you out of bed in the morning.

21. And senior dogs melt your heart.

22. Big or small, you love them all.

23. You don't understand how a dog owner could ever be unhappy.

Do they just, like, exist in a constant state of overwhelming joy? How do they get anything done?

24. Because true happiness is dogs.

25. And you can hardly wait till you can adopt your very own.

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

26. Until then, you'll just be that person causing a scene over strangers' dogs.

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