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This Farting, Corn-Eating Wombat Will Make You Say "Same"

We are all this wombat.

Meet Pete.

BBC 2 / Via

Pete's a hairy-nosed wombat from Australia. His favorite food is corn.

Pete recently made his debut on Natural World, BBC Two's wildlife series, where he let out this truly impressive fart:

Sound on.

And then he just winks at the camera, like "Yeah, you bet your bottom dollar I farted. Get a whiff of that."

BBC 2 / Via

Pete gives no fucks.

Did I mention how much he loves corn?

BBC 2 / Via

He even eats half the cob.

The comments were just as great as you'd expect:

Thanks for being you, Pete, you flatulent, corn-munching icon.

BBC 2 / Via

Watch the full video here:

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