7 Useful Tips All College Kids Need To Try This Week

Start the semester off right.

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1. Set a picture of your new class schedule and locations as your lock screen.

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You’ll have it memorized in no time.

2. Stop spending so much on textbooks.

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Tons of textbooks are available free online. Search “filetype:pdf” followed by the book’s name and/or author.

If that doesn’t work, try these websites:,,, and (Got another source? Share it in the comments!)

And if THAT doesn’t work, see if your library has a copy or split the cost with a classmate.

3. Make overnight oats, AKA the easiest/tastiest/cheapest/healthiest dorm breakfast ever.

Mix equal parts milk and oats*, top with all your faves, then let it soak overnight. It’ll be ready to grab and go for your morning class. Check out these recipes for inspiration.

*(steal them from the dining hall, obviously)

4. Post-winter-break dorm smell? Pop a window and stick a few dryer sheets on a fan.

5. Stop procrastination before it starts with SelfControl.

It’s a free app that blocks you from distracting websites for a pre-set amount of time.

6. Personalize your charger so you never mix yours up with your roommate’s again.

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If you don’t have washi tape, a coat of nail polish works too.

7. And bookmark this guide to getting the most out of your student discount.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Life

Especially since you already saved so much on textbooks.

And for even more tips that will help out all semester long, sign up for BuzzFeed’s 10-Day Best Semester Ever Course!

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